TODAY   |  June 13, 2012

Warm weather style: 5 must-haves for summer

Emily Schuman, creator of the blog “Cupcakes and Cashmere,” shares some of the hottest trends of the season, including chambray shirts and orange nail polish.

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>>> we're back now with the five must haves for summer . with the official start of the season a few weeks away we have the latest in everything from style to decorating to outdoor entertaining. fun and easy do it yourself ideas, emily shuman, creator of the blog cupcakes and cashmere. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> all the girls in the office are obsessed with the website. you have a book in august. it's about adding personal touches and do it yourself projects.

>> it is. cupcakes and cashmere is my blog but i write daily about everything that inspires me from food and fashion to interior design and beauty. a little bit of everything.

>> your five must haves for summer . the first one would be the chambray shirt which we see you wearing so beautifully here. you have a couple of different ways to dress up the look.

>> chambray is great for summer . it's really versatile. you can throw it on over a bikini or dress it up a few ways. i have some options here. the first you could wear to the office. buttoned up, pencil skirt , jewelry. you can dress it up at night. for a date, open it up a little bit, throw on a short sequinned mini skirt , cuff, heels. for daytime if you're going casual, straw hat , long skirt and short flat books that is great.

>> what is it about chambray that says summer to you.

>> it's a light fabric, the versatility is great. something you can take from day to night easily.

>> casual yet elegant.

>> next must have number two on the list, orange nail polish . orange is all the rage, definitely the hot trend of the season. a lot of people may think orange is not their color. can anyone wear it?

>> i do. orange is a great color from summer . it's a great departure from your typical pink and red. i also realize it's a bit intimidating. so there's a few different ways to go about it. first start with a pedicure. it's not as in your face as a manicure. it's fun at the pool, at the beach. you just see a pop of color. also there are variations. if you want to go with something a little more pastel or coral, coral is great for those that are just kind of making that transition. if you want to really go for it, really bright neon is also pretty.

>> i'm going to show off your nails here because they look beautiful.

>> thank you.

>> using that nail polish it brings us to our next hot item. these are broaches. actually you have a little trick with brooches. you like to use nail polish to jazz them up a bit.

>> exactly. this is a really easy do it yourself project. you take brooches, something you have lying around. these are from stores, flea markets , family heirlooms, not the time to play around. you pick a pallet. here i have one almost done, summer colors and you paint directly onto the stone. if you want it subtle, it goes on easily. if you want to add on, another coat will make it opaque and brighter.

>> makes it a little more modern as we see here.

>> exactly.

>> take that brooch and adding a fun pop to it. great idea. next must have for the summer . do it yourself bottle stoppers. what i love about this idea, actually it's great as a gift, too, right?

>> it is. for summer entertaining, this is a perfect hosters gift. bar carts are beg now, not only good for entertaining but now being seen as part of your interior design , you're decor. in order to dress it up, i've made diy bottle stoppers.

>> how do we do that?

>> we have an assortment of stones.

>> some gorilla glue . make sure you're finding the flat top of the stone. tiny bit, less is more.

>> just need pretty stones.

>> pretty stones. amethyst, pyrite. let it rest. you can see here the finished product.

>> move over to summer entertaining in style, the fifth thing you like to do, that is set up your table in a rustic outdoor sort of way for entertaining. you've done that here. i see you have a really nice theme with white.

>> exactly. summer is about white, refreshing. it feels really crisp. you should keep it simple . i like to add rustic touches with raffia around the mason jars, burlap thrown down. for ambience make sure you have candles. i make sure it's unscented so it doesn't conflict with the scent of your food. flowers, keep them short so you can see your guests.

>> i love it. i'm a fan of your website, too.

>> thank you for having me.

>> good luck with your book. still to come, is your diet making you cranky? five facts you absolutely need to know about protein, but first these messages. let's do this." how does it look? ridiculous. why don't you just try hugging the dirt off that