TODAY   |  June 13, 2012

Caught on camera: Toddler ejected during car chase

Four teenagers took police on a wild chase last weekend after allegedly robbing a woman at gunpoint. The chase ended in a dramatic crash, and video from a police dash cam shows a 1-year-old girl being thrown from the backseat, then standing up on her own. NBC’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>> a toddler in lubbock, texas, is lucky to be alive after being reject fredded from an suv in a dramatic crash. natalie with that story.

>> good morning, ann. that came after a police chase when a young man was robbed at gunpoint. what police did not know at the time, there was a one-year-old girl in the back of the vehicle. the dramatic ending to the chase was caught on a police dash-cam which shows an suv flipping several times and coming to a terrifying stop. a one-year-old girl ejected from the vehicle and then miraculously stands up on her own. minutes before the crash, police say 17-year-old man and three other teens ages 14 through 16 allegedly robbed 19-year-old girl in a restaurant parking lot. she says he demanded she hand over the purse but she tried to give him her cash $10.

>> he said hand over your purse. not thinking i said no. he said i will show shoot you.

>> she said she quickly handed over her purse. before the suv sped away she noticed three other teens and a toddler in the vehicle.

>> he was getting in the car and i said, all that with a little baby in the back seat. called police and chased the suspect in what they say was a stolen suv . as the suv flipped again and again, the toddler was ejected out of the back window. the little girl stood up and tried to walk back to the suv . she stumbled and fell. one of the suspects then got out of the suv and grabbed the child. two of the suspects were seen running down the street with the child and were later caught in a woman's backyard.

>> ran this way, that way. it made me worry because a little baby girl , something serious.

>> police say he's the father of the child and the toddler's teenager mother was one of the 16-year-old suspects also in the stolen vehicle when it crashed with the little one-year-old girl inside.

>> meanwhile they have been charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle, evading arrest and other crimes. the child treated with minor injuries and reportedly staying with other relatives.

>> natalie, thank you so much.