TODAY   |  June 12, 2012

Professionals: ‘No gray area’ in beating video

TODAY’s Professionals – Star Jones, Donny Deutsch, and Nancy Snyderman – discuss hot topics, including the circumstances surrounding a boy being beaten on video, a school principal’s “you’re not special” graduation speech that has gone viral, and more.

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>>> and dr. nancy snyderman to break down the day's topics. start with stepfather, videotape that's been seen by a lot of people. he's playing ball with his stepson in the backyard. he gets angry, yells at the young boy . he takes his belt off and begins to hit this boy with the belt. the video is taken shot from the neighbor's window through the blinds of the neighbor's window. so raise your hands -- by the way, the neighbor then takes the video and pos it online and sends it into authorities. raise your hand if you would have done exactly what the neighbor did.

>> and thensome.

>> then some.

>> also we need to add the neighbor did yell out afterwards, stop hitting this kid as he was taking the video.

>> no one here a little queasy about the spying part of this story. that raised some questions?

>> absolutely not. people look out windows. when a child is in danger, there's no gray area .

>> the law would require it.

>> you're watching this poor little kid get hit. whether you run i there or jump out -- i've been confronted by the situation. i saw someone hit a kid on the street and did the same thing. your instincts take over.

>> there's nothing good that comes from being beaten. a child that grows up in a family like this is more likely to discipline like this later.

>> the father was suspected of beating the boy in the home, would it be okay for the neighbor to walk across and shoot through that neighbor's window through the blinds of th other home.

>> absolutely not. the law would not allow him to do that.

>> child safety . you do what you have to do.

>> we have laws.

>> knock on the door and interrupt it.

>> or send the police there.

>> could you videotape through the window if you thought it was happening.

>> you could do it but it would not be legal.

>> child safety , anything goes.

>> a graduation speech in wellsly, massachusetts. the english teacher there gave the speech. it's getting attention because it wasn't the raving kind of speech, graduates are all so great. instead, it was how the graduates are not special. take a listen.

>> you're not special. contrary to your u 9 trophies, how often the caped crusader swooped in to save you, you're not special.

>> this is called the you're not special speech because he said it 20 times.

>> he's right on. he's the chosen speaker by the students. wellsly, mass, is a very upscale neighborhood. if you read his entire commencement address , it's about the fact there's uniformity so go make something exceptional of your life. i thought it was the winner of the year.

>> as somebody who gives commencement speeches, i have to tell you, i was actually inspired. to make yourself special, you have to do something to earn that category. i thought he did a great job.

>> as somebody also given commencement speeches couldn't disagree more. let me finish.

>> you always say let me finish.

>> because i'm talking. two goals in a speech, inspire and motivate. i wouldn't stand before 1,000 employees and say none of you are special. you're not special until -- there's an interesting point here. you say you are special now here is what you need to do. it was self-directed.

>> the one size fits all.

>> he said when you go to paris , go to paris because you want to be there. don't go to paris because you need to check it off your list.

>> self-indulgent speech.

>> no, no, no.

>> he ended this way, the sweetest joys of life come only with the recognition that you're not special because everyone is. congratulations. good luck. make for yourself, please for yourselves and for us, extraordinary lives.

>> extraordinary speech.

>> you need to read it. it's great.

>> let's move on. madonna. did you see what happened at the concert in istanbul. over the week she gave a concert, human nature , strip tease , ended up in a black lace bra and for some reason exposed her breast. i want to make sure people understand. it wasn't a wardrobe malfunction, an accident, it was on purpose.

>> as a branding guy i'd like to give her advice. clearly she's doing it for attention. clearly i would say your brand has always been about cutting edge sexuality. evolving. become a female frankie sinatra. stoprying to hold onto the past. redefine yourself, that's pathetic.

>> a personality disorder, someone looking for attention through acting out.

>> not special, not a special breast, not worth doing.

>> when did she become a lunatic on the panel? you've had a life change.

>> i'm the normal one.

>> pthis is the one that kissed britney spears .

>> it is not appropriate for a 54-year-old. change, become the femalerank sinatra.

>> girls gone wild works at 22, not at 52.

>> especially a breast that fed a couple of babies. not