TODAY   |  June 05, 2012

Jenny McCarthy talks newest ‘Playboy’ shoot

The TV star talks about her first season hosting NBC’s “Love in the Wild” and appearing on the cover of Playboy magazine again.

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>>> jenny mccarthy is unstoppable. her eighth book is about to be released and she will grace the cover of "playboy" magazine again. nbc has her hosting their reality show "love in the wild" that debuts tonight.

>> love in the wild. i am the new host of season two's "love in the wild." hubba-hubba. there's been a couple of changes. we are in the dominican republ. some of the adventures i wouldn't be caught dead doing. we allow you to see who the person is for real. going to be wild.

>> sounds like it.

>> i watched it this morning. there are so many gorgeous people.

>> that's right.

>> didn't you want to scratch somebody's eyebrows?

>> there were cat fights, but not by me. i enjoyed watching it.

>> describe this show.

>> "survivor" meets "the fear factor." these couples.

>> you let the women pick the man they wanted to be with at the beginning.

>> correct.

>> what happens at the end of that? i didn't get to that part.

>> there is a new edition. the guys break out. the guys are cat fighting . it was a ball.

>> they are feeling very possessive over the woman.

>> that's right.

>> that happens in the wild.

>> you have fun on these shows.

>> here's the stat this show works. last year the first and second place couples are still together, very much in love. this year our first second still together. i'll tell you why. we are not throwing them in a mansion to look beautiful and fake for six weeks. they are dealing with, i'm telling you --

>> all this stuff with snakes and all kinds of stuff.

>> literally, there was raining. the girls had 70 mosquito bites on their face. you get to see the true color .

>> the moral is don't base these relationships on how a person looks.

>> that's what i love about the show. guys are saying, i pick her because she's so hot. literally, at weeks go by, he's like, she is psycho.

>> let's talk about you.

>> you're psycho a little bit.

>> you're doing "playboy" again?

>> i am.

>> are you showing everything? what are you doing?

>> well what's everything? i grew out a bush so no one sees anything?

>> we can beep that.

>> no we can't. too late.

>> i figured one more time before everything really falls apart . why not? and evans' tuition is expensive this year.

>> you did say you work all the time because you want to be a legend and legends are people who work all the time.

>> yeah. you put that as a goal. that's why i started when i was 21. someone asked me that question. i said a legend would be great because it's consistent. i'm grateful because in my line of work, so to speak, i'm glad hosting has really become a top job in hollywood.

>> tell us quickly about the book you have coming out.

>> it's called "bad habits, confessions of a recovering catholic." it's coming of age story from the time i was 6 to now of horrific, you know, i'm possessed of the devil, church giggles, finding new belief systems , letting go of old ones. all told with inspirational stories yet funny.

>> do you think in the future you're going to find true love ?

>> i think i might be there.

>> oh.

>> to be continued. we wish you all the best.

>> thank you.

>> catch the two-hour premiere of "love in the wild" here