TODAY   |  June 05, 2012

Best beauty products on the market

Carlotta Jacobsen of Cosmetic Executive Women unveils the winning products from the annual CEW awards, including the best moisturizers, eye creams, and lip products.

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>>> hundreds of beauty experts cast their votes for the top buys in beauty. carlotta, good morning. good to see you. these are the most innovative things out there. i want to launch in. we are starting out with core skin care .

>> absolutely. for anti-aging, the shisheido product is a scientific breakthrough product. they have something to counteract it and it produces younger-looking skin. it's a great -- it's bee years in research.

>> also there's the youth serum. what it has in it is a make-up ingredient. when you put it on instantly you get results. your skin looks brighter and moist.

>> this is the drug store version?

>> yes.

>> that's outstanding. next up is moisturizer?

>> yes. for the neck, you need moisture but something that firms the crepey skin. this tightens the skin on the neck.

>> this is proven to work?

>> yes. it's strivectin neck cream.

>> also in the category?

>> for gravity what you need is something that firms the skin also. this is for the fa. from roc.

>> moving on to the eyes, of course.

>> the applicators makes these products more effective. this has a porcelain one that is tinted. it depuffs the eye and covers.

>> this because the skin is so thin around the eyes, you need something to put it on gently. this does it without any irritation. you just roll it along. it feels cool, too. both of them do.

>> we are also keeping with the eyes.

>> this is brilliant. this is for the lower lashes. you know where they are so small and thin and you smudge it all over?

>> for the bottom lashes?

>> yes.

>> you don't get the spider things some people get.

>> right. if you want a really thick, false eyelash look, this you can do at home. it has the thin fibers you get in false eyelashes.

>> experts love this.

>> absolutely.

>> moving on?

>> the newest in make-up is the primers.

>> everybody loves the primers.

>> they work well. what it does is provides a canvas to smooth out imperfections and you put foundation on.

>> you like the smashbox version.

>> and under's circles, this is a great product. you roll it on. it doesn't give you a lot of product. it gives you a thin layer which covers.

>> what is the latest and greatest in lipsticks here?

>> these are complementary colors . you can now with lipstick customize your own colors. you have one color. one end works with the other color.

>> you put one color and pop it in the middle.

>> and the same with the fresh product which it can go on very sheer this beautiful red. if you layer it, you get a deeper color.

>> that is my favorite.

>> they're here. they're my nails. actually are so easy to put on. you peel them and it's real nail polish .

>> we got through almost everything on this list. the experts can't get it wrong. that's why you're an expert. up next, speaking of award winning,