TODAY   |  June 04, 2012

Celine Dion: ‘Titanic’ theme ‘will live forever’

In an exclusive interview with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie, Celine Dion talks about recovering from the recent illness that forced her to cancel concerts and responds to Kate Winslet saying the “Titanic” theme makes her sick.

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>>> now to our exclusive interview with celine dion . a virus forced her to cancel five weeks of her shows in las vegas . but now, she's back on the stage. forever this way

>> reporter: known around the world for that unmistakable voice. my heart will go on

>> reporter: for a moment, celine dion couldn't go on. an illness forced her to cancel five weeks of her popular las vegas show. how did it sound when you tried to sing?

>> it was just choppy a little bit.

>> that's not celine dion .

>> you know. it was just not myself. it's hard to be in show biz and cancel a lot of shows. we disappointed a lot of people. it was hard.

>> but she got through it. does it feel good to be back?

>> oh, yeah.

>> her voice as strong as ever. and showing off her latest song, didn't know love. was there ever a time that you worried you might not get your voice back the way we all know it?

>> no. i guess you feel that you have something much more and better in your life. i don't depend on my vocal chords. i don't depend on my success and my singing. don't get me wrong, i love what i do. but i don't hold onto that. when you have children you have accomplished a lot.

>> celine and her husband rene have three. 11-year-old rene charles and 1 1/2-year-old twins nelson and eddie. we have this glamorous view of you, celine dion . what is it really like at home? with these two little twins and an 11-year-old boy? i'm sure it's quite active.

>> i think we don't have a home anywhere. it's just play rooms. there's toys all over the place, candy, floor sticky.

>> you're telling me sometimes you're finding cheerios in your hair?

>> just before the camera rolled i checked on myself just in case i'm not feeling a piece of candy over here.

>> does your oldest son, does he recognize that his mom is world famous?

>> oh, well he plays baseball, and like i'm screaming. he doesn't want me to like overdo it. but i'm passionate. it's just it's hard for me to just go like that. you know. but he looks at me like -- like keep it low. i want my mom. but i don't want celine dion to start singing in here today. what do you say

>> celine dion knows all about taking chances . 17 years ago, she married rene , a twice-divorced man 26 years her senior. and what if her own son were to one day do the same?

>> would i love her?

>> what would you say? what do you say taking chances i would look at my own life. i would try -- i would be like my mom, i would try to probably make him not do it. but, i would also pay attention with my heart. and with my heart and my heart will go on

>> i don't know if you've heard this but kate winslet , of course the star of "titanic," was asked in an interview how she felt about the --

>> she can't hear the song anymore.

>> she said it made me want to throw up. how do you feel about that?

>> the way for me to see it is that my heart will go on. gave me the opportunity to be associated with a classic that will live forever . if i just count how many times i sang it, maybe it will get me sick. if she feels tired just hearing it and like throwing up, i'm glad she was not the one singing it.

>> she's days, at home, it's a different tune.

>> my 11-year-old, he likes eminem.

>> that's not really one for you to sing along with. maybe that's the point.

>> oh, you'd be surprised. who knows.

>> you might have to rap inside you waiting to get out?

>> maybe it's something i don't even know about myself.

>> you hit those notes and it's like we all want to stand up and cheer . i wonder what that's like for you.

>> when i'm onstage, i don't know, i feel like i'm in a ring, and it's like -- i feel like i'm a fighter. when i hit it, the strongest.

>> and we're back after your local news.