TODAY   |  May 30, 2012

Bikini-wearing plus-size blogger: ‘I love my body’

When plus-size blogger Gabi Gregg posted photos of herself wearing a bikini, she received an overwhelmingly positive response. Gregg chats with TODAY’s Tamron Hall about why she’s encouraging other full-figured women to send in their own “fatkini” photos for a gallery featured on

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>> and bikinis often intimidate women self conscious about body image . wearing a bikini can be considered daring. should that be the case? one 25-year-old plus size fashion blogger says, no. and her bikini body image has gone viral. she posted a picture of herself in a bikini on vacation and was amazed by the outpouring of positive feedback . her blog has encouraged other full figured women to post their photos for what she calls fat girls in bikinis. it is featured online. the response is overwhelming. both positive and some negative people out there. gabby greg is here we me. good morning.

>> you're way too covered up.

>> i know. i was getting dressed. i don't think you should wear this today.

>> you look good in those pictures.

>> thank you so much.

>> what were you hoping to accomplish. i understand this is your second time posting?

>> yes, this is my second time posting in bikini. this time i really wanted to do it again and make it even bigger. i pitched the idea to have a gallery of all plus sized women wearing bikinis.

>> you call it fatkini gallery. 31 full figured girls in swimwear.

>> i think it's about empowering women . so often the media all we see is thin women in bikinis. i want to challenge that and say they're not the only ones, not that i have anything against them. i think all women are beautiful. i think we should see all types of bodies in swimwear.

>> were you surprised by how many other women want the to show what they were working with on your site?

>> yes and no. luckily i'm in a community online. so many of them have been posting themselves in bikinis. i wanted to gather them together and have it published in one place so people all over the world can see it.

>> where do you get the confidence? i just told you, i'm not showing any of my body in a bikini. where did you get this confidence?

>> i don't really know. i have a really supportive family and supportive network of friends. i was a little self conscious in high school . once i got past college, i grew into my own. i love my body. we should reject the fashion rules about what we are and what we are not allowed to wear.

>> beyond the fashion rules, as mentioned, you have some people throughout who have been critical saying that promoting obesity.

>> i'm not promoting obesity or a healthy lifestyle.

>> i think people should be aware of what they're putting in their bodies and be more active. the truth is be happy with your bodies we have right now. it is the goal to lose weight or are you happy where you are?

>> we have those who will say it's a part of how healthy you are. we know that obesity. we know it can cause other issues.

>> i'm really trying my best to make sure i'm getting, you know, the best --

>> i just think the main thing is to really judge how you feel and what you're putting into your body.

>> okay, what about those who say your body is not flabby enough. you have curves and you look fantastic in swimwear.

>> it's interesting. i think those pictures, i mean luckily i would wear --

>> i was wearing high waisted bikinis.

>> that is easy for you.

>> so you found the right swimwear to flatter your figure.

>> i did. but what i wanted to accomplish with the gallery and what i was showing, it's not just me. you could see the rolls and see the flaws. and that's why i wanted to kind of bring it together and say, no, it's not just me wearing a bikini. that doesn't mean you're not practicing healthy habits.

>> all right. you look fantastic. so do the other ladies. we'll see what kind of response you get.

>> thank you so much.

>> it's a great pleasure. up