TODAY   |  May 24, 2012

Mom of tot tossed in washer: I’m pressing charges

Sakia David, the mother of the toddler who was locked inside a spinning washing machine, tells TODAY’s Ann Curry that she plans to press charges against the man and woman responsible for the incident that was captured on video.

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>> much. sakia david is with us along with her son, saimeir bush. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> you first saw this videotape on midnight tuesday. when you recognized your child was being put into that washing machine , what was your reaction?

>> i was, like, i know that ain't my child. i just kept saying, "i know that ain't my child." i was, like, oh, my god. i didn't know until the next morning until the police came knocking on my door.

>> when they confirmed that it was your son?

>> that it was my child.

>> now, looking at him now, i see a little mark left. that's the last bit of physical evidence that you can find.

>> yes.

>> of what happened to him. but are you concerned? are you comfortable, or do you think that he needs more medical tests ?

>> i think he needs more medical tests .

>> are you worried?

>> i want to make sure that everything is good because he was in there for at least five minutes.

>> five minutes?

>> at least five minutes.

>> is that how you timed it on the tape?

>> that's how they timed it on the tape.

>> and sandra , the woman who was baby-sitting, you say you don't know the man on the tape and that sandra told you that saimeir had fallen down a set of stairs.

>> that he fell down two steps.

>> that's what she said?

>> yes.

>> so what do you want to say to sandra this morning?

>> i just want to tell sandra , this is not over because everybody said on the news that i wasn't pressing charges, and i am.

>> police have done their investigation. think say there wasn't an intent, that they were -- that this was a game of peekaboo and that they weren't planning to file charges. are you saying that you're thinking about filing charges, nevertheless?

>> yes, yes.

>> what do you want? why do you want to file charges?

>> because i left my child in her custody. she sat there and watched him put my baby in a washer. so it was both of their fault. i don't care how much they say it's not her fault. that's her fault, too.

>> saimeir's father is incarcerated. does he know about this?

>> yes.

>> did they tell him about it?

>> they were in contact with him yesterday.

>> what do you know about his reaction to this?

>> he was going off. he says he wants charges filed.

>> negligence? what is the charge? what is the thing that you want? do you want her to pay money? do you want her simply to be punished? to go to jail?

>> to be punished.

>> punished.

>> and sent to jail.

>> i understand that you have met the laundromat -- the guy who saved him, the immigrant, have you met him?

>> no, i never got to met him -- meet him.

>> you're smiling. what would you say to him?

>> i want to thank you. thank you a lot. if it wasn't for him, he probably would have been dead.

>> so when you saw the drama of him rushing, going in from behind to try to stop the machine, what were you thinking as you were watching the tape?

>> i don't like discussing the tape.

>> you don't like discussing the tape?

>> no. every time i see it, it makes me real sick. they shouldn't have had my baby in there like that.

>> angry?

>> angry.

>> sad?

>> yes.

>> mm-hmm. well, he's still talkative, i'll tell you. he's still talkative. and he's beautiful.

>> thank you.

>> we're glad your baby is safe.

>> thank you.

>> thank you so much for joining us this morning.

>> you're welcome.

>> stay well, all right. and good luck with that medical test . let us know what happens.