TODAY   |  May 23, 2012

Gene Simmons: Hiring vets is the least we can do

Back in March, rock band KISS announced they wanted to offer a roadie job to a deserving U.S. veteran for their upcoming tour with Motley Crue. After receiving over 1900 applications for the job, Gene Simmons reveals the winner.

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>> you date on our hiring our heroes initiative, we were talking about this, of course, you know, just recently, in partnership with the u.s. chamber of chers. we kicked it off in march. we told you that kiss offered a job to a veteran as a roadie on their summer tour with motley crue . we've got gene simmons joining us this morning. gene, it's great to have you here. when we, when we announced that you were offering a job to a veteran you got something like 1900 applications. why was it important for you to hire a veteran?

>> it is the most important thing that we can do, because we don't use the word volunteer very often. kiss has always been committed to giving fans the best of everything. we start a new tour in july. but then we took the stock of ourselves. here's a gentleman, he doesn't know it yet, here's a gentleman who's had three tours of duty voluntarily.

>> well let's talk to you for a second.

>> exactly. you've narrowed this down to three finalists. the first one is paul jordan , three tours of duty. she has been, by the way, a die-hard kiss fan for 37 years.

>> meeting for the first time.

>> nice to meet you.

>> and you are one of his idols. paul , come on in here.

>> it's nice to have you.

>> you stand right here.

>> so what was it about paul that made you want to make him one of your finalists?

>> paul has been in iraq and afghanistan three times. he volunteered to risk his life for you and i. he's been wounded twice. i mean, the amount of service, he's been in the u.s. army 21 years voluntarily. if you don't give him a round of applause now i'm going to find out where you live. let me hear it.

>> paul you've been looking for work for about the last year and a half or so?

>> that's correct. since i retired i've had a really hard time trying to find a job. it's tough for veterans out there sometimes.

>> you even have a tattoo of gene simmons is that true?

>> yes, ma'am.

>> where is it? dare i ask?

>> well, first of all --

>> maybe i don't want to ask.

>> superman. you ready for the close-up?

>> there it is.

>> wow.

>> there we go.

>> how about that.

>> whoa!

>> okay. so gene, do you have something you want to say to paul ?

>> well, it's true. you know you're one of three finalists. there are lots of very deserving people. we should all step up and give our heroes, our vets a job. it's the least we can do. they volunteered for us. but probably something i should tell you. you are the new kiss roadie. we're going out together in july!

>> yeah!

>> man!

>> and paul , what's this going to be like for you?

>> dream come true. i've always wanted to be involved with kiss somehow. i mean, i've been a fan since i was 4 years old. and wow, this is -- this is incredible.

>> it is a paying gig. it's the real thing. let me tell you something to everybody listening out there. if you've got a small job or a big job it's the least we can do. our heroes go and represent us on the field of battle, voluntarily. then they come back and we throw them back out, here, good luck, get a job. they should have guaranteed jobs, and you out there, get off your behinds and give our heroes a job. this is in conjunction with the chamber of commerce . give them a job. it's the least you can do.

>> gene simmons . paul jordan , congratulations.