TODAY   |  May 21, 2012

How to push through the weight-loss plateau

TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer takes on viewers’ weight-loss dilemmas, offering advice about how to stick to your plan during social events and weekends, and on whether you can safely reheat coffee that’s gone cold.

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>> much. this morning on "joy's diet s.o.s." answers to your daily diet dilemmas. "today" contributor and nutritionest joy bauer is here with answers on everything from hitting that weight plateau to vitamin deficiency . joy is the best selling author of "the joy fit club ." good morning.

>> good morning.

>> all right, let's get to the questions. i know that you've got great answers. we're starting off with lisa in georgetown, delaware. lisa , good morning.

>> good morning.

>> so what's your question?

>> well, i've lost over 40 pounds, and i seemed to reach a plateau. and it's like i lose a few pounds during the week and then i gain it back on the weekends, and with special events, tempting desserts, it's really hard to stick to my plan. so my question is, like how do i, you know -- how do i notify gate the weekend without undoing a week's worth of work.

>> i'm going to give you a hey man, sister. i think a lot of people can relate to that.

>> this is a very, very typical scenario. it's usually because on the weekends we're way less structured than we are during the week. and also like you mentioned there are temptations everywhere. so this is what you're going to do starting this week. first, when it's wednesday or thursday, i want you to look ahead to your weekend, and make a plan. make it formalized and structured. i even want you to formalize and structure the down time. because it's going to make it much easier for you to stick to a healthy eating plan. and exercise on saturday and sunday, and preferably in the earlier part of the day, because exercise will automatically up your food resolve. and secondly, i want you to look at your weekend plan and pick one fun, delicious splurge that you're going to look forward to and don't use it up on friday night. save it for saturday late afternoon or evening or maybe a spectacular sunday brunch. and then it's only one thing. it's not going to derail all the work that you put in during the week. you're going to wake up on monday morning feeling light, energized and ready to conquer. those few pounds that you lost the week before will still be off. i'm positive.

>> wow. lisa , thank you. i got a quick question though staying on track you say make the weekend more structured. does that set you up for failure if you fall off the plan?

>> no, no. but it gives you a road map and you're much more likely to stick with it. again the structure just means knowing what your weekend plans are.

>> let's get to brenda in los alamos , new mexico. good morning, what's your question?

>> good morning, joy. my question is, i'm wondering how to approach my weight loss plan so that my skin isn't left draping once the weight is gone. does neoprene wrapping -- does wrapping with ace bandages or neoprene wraps or other methods promote skin tightening when a person is dropping pounds?

>> unfortunately, no. and there's nothing you can really do to control your skin's response when you lose a significant amount of weight. now, some people are genetically blessed with a lot of elastin and they snap right back into shape. but the vast majority of people are not that lucky. none of those methods that you mention will really work too well. you just have to really focus on all of the positives. don't get stuck on this one negative. think about all the whole host of health conditions that you might be able to reverse. you're going to feel terrific. you're going to get better night's sleep. you're going to look fabulous and there's always surgery if it bothers you a lot. it's a little involved. it can be costly. or there's fabulous undergarments like yummy tummy and spanx that tuck and hide and will really make you feel terrific.

>> all right, brenda . good luck and congratulations on having lost the weight to have that issue. you have to lose it first.

>> it's a great issue to have. it really is. people have to remember that.

>> congratulations, brenda . now we have a viewer immaim. catherine in new york city rights, i get a latte every morning when i get to work. i get to my desk, have a few sips then don't get a chance to finish it. is it okay to reheat it and continue to drink it after lunch? that's a long time.

>> it's a long time. and she's got to toss the latte. here's why. when it sits it's going to settle into a temperature range between 40 and 140 degrees fahrenheit and that's that range that bacteria can just thrive. and a lot of the bacteria will not be spried when you heat it. even though she's popping it in the microwave she's still going to be at a risk for getting a foodborne illness . trash it and just buy another one later on in the afternoon.

>> another e-mail. this is juanita in new jersey. she writes, joy, the doctor just told my husband that his b-12 is low. can you tell us what foods have b-12?

>> so b-12, vitamin b -12 is abundant in fish and dairy and eggs and meats and poultry and also fortified in some vegetarian foods like breakfast cereals and soy items. most people that have a deficiency in b-12, it's not because they're not eating enough from foods , most of the time because of two common conditions. he needs to speak with his physician. it could be pernicious anemia or atroughic gastritis. in that case our body can't absorb the natural b-12 in foods and he's going to need a supplement to bring him back up to baseline. it's really important to speak with your physician and find out why --

>> it's not as simple as grabbing a vitamin.

>> no. but there are a lot of foods . he should maybe take the supplement and eat the foods and when his levels are back up to normal. just foods alone.

>> good stuff. thank you joy.