TODAY   |  May 19, 2012

Is Wendy Williams new queen of daytime talk?

She doesn’t always make friends with her guests, but TV talk show host Wendy Williams is a huge hit with her fans and advertisers. NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports.

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>>> talk show host wendy williams , quickly becoming a household name with her tv show , new line of accessories and a new movie. she has been building her career for years.

>> reporter: this wednesday marks the 500th episode of the wendy williams show. her television show in the third season, but williams not new to the ear waair waves. she spent more than 20 years as a female shock jock . some are calling her a kinder, gentler wendy . well before 10:00 in the morning, the studio audience at the wendy williams show is in full blown party mode. we are family

>> they await daytime's newest diva.

>> it's showtime!

>> reporter: the show, in its third season, is light and fun talk. built around wendy williams ' larger than life personality.

>> i like to ask the questions that people would be talking about around their kitchen table. not oh, how lovely. she's on broadway. it's all right, she's on broadway, what have you heard? she's a biybygamist.

>> this is the latest piece in a growing empire. she just released adorn, accessories line for qvc, has a small part in "think like a man" and has a new book.

>> wendy started talking before she could walk.

>> always talking, giving per opinion.

>> reporter: wendy was the middle of three children, raised in new jersey. today, she is still a jersey girl .

>> this is where it all goes down, the mom cave.

>> reporter: living with her husband, kevin hunter, manager and executive producer of the show, and their 11-year-old son kevin. the family williams longed for and doets on.

>> i begged to meet the right man and get married. and we kept having so many miscarriages, and i begged to have a child.

>> many are getting know williams for her show. others, she's a familiar presence.

>> my first job in new york radio that made me take off.

>> reporter: she spent more than 20 years in front of a microphone, becoming one of the top shock jocks , known for direct, no holds barred interviews, her most famous exchange with whitney houston .

>> don't speak to me like i'm a child,

>> i wasn't using my powers for evil. i was entertaining millions on the room.

>> reporter: a reach she has extended to television.

>> wendy williams started out as a shock jock that would ask anything, extremely tabloidy and now she's the queen of all media.

>> reporter: their show, renewed through 2014 . one more sign of a long caree is in many ws seems like it's just getting started. now, williams has a lot of projects in the pipeline. she plans to announce a production deal soon and says she would love to write an advice book. and if you watch the show, you know she is never shy about giving straight forward advice. lester.

>> thank you very much. i have been on her show. i have to tell you, she was a real delight.

>> she liked you, i remember that. she wanted a little bit of lester there. nice to get a warm welcome every now and then, isn't it?

>> i had a great time. we wish her nothing but the best.