TODAY   |  May 11, 2012

Pier collapses during prom photo op

A Wisconsin prom photo has become memorable for all the wrong reasons after the dock a group of high school students were using for a prom photo collapsed, sending the teens plunging into the water below. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>>> and sometimes the perfect pr picture isn't the most memorable. call it peer pressure. but this dock just couldn't take the weight of all these dolled up wisconsin high schoolers and then, as you see, it gave way. one student say the girls were screaming, the boys were laughing. shame on them. no one was injured and with the help of a lot of blow driers and towels they all made it to their big night . i'm sure there they made a big splash .

>> oh!

>> let's he --

>> good morng.

>> time for all that fussing.

>> they're never going to forget it. that's for darn sure.

>> they probably were late, though.

>> it' a great before and ter, right?

>> oh, my lord. that's not funny.

>> i know.

>> anyway.

>> thank goodness nobody got hurt.

>> nobody got hurt.

>> except for the hairdo. the hairdo got a little hurt