TODAY   |  May 08, 2012

How to lose weight and keep it off for good

TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer takes on viewers’ diet questions, including how to avoid gaining back weight you’ve lost and whether it’s possible to develop lactose intolerance later in life.

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>>> it's time now for "joy's diet s.o.s." answers to your diet dilemmas. "today" nutritionist and the author of "the joy fit club " joy bauer is here to discuss everything from how to keep the weight off once you've lost it to the truth about lactose intolerance .

>> the truth!

>> there's a lot of falsehoods out there about lactose intolerance .

>> that's right.

>> let's get started. our first question, carol in troy, michigan, joining us live via skype. good morning, joy. what's -- i mean, carol, and what's your question?

>> hi, joy. my biggest problem, i've been trying to lose weight for 20 years. i can't seem to keep it off. i've got almost four grand kids now and i want to be healthier, and i don't have any health issues, but i don't want to wait until i have them to lose weight . i can't seem to keep it off, and the constant failures keep me from wanting to try again. what can i do to get motivated and serious again?

>> a lot of people have this problem.

>> it's great that you have your grandkids as the ultimate motivat motivator. there's a few things you could do. the first is probably going to sound crazy coming from a nutritionist. but i think that you should actually plan for one splurge food each week. so maybe it's a great, deck can't meal at a restaurant or dessert with your grandkids when you're baby-sitting. because i think looking forward to that it's probably very helpful to keep you on track the remainder of the week. another thing that you could do as you're losing weight is to pick out a few flattering, slimming, fabulous clothes that you love the way that you look in. try them on a few times each week right in front of the mirror. there is nothing more powerful than that visual reinforcement. and i also love the idea of constantly having some sort of fitness event upcoming on your calendar. so you can do a 5k every other month, or a 10k and just walk it and maybe look for each of them with one grandkid. it's a win-win. you have quality bonding time and you're keeping yourself on track. those three things together can really make the difference.

>> okay. i'll give it a try.

>> good luck, carol.

>> way to go.

>> thanks so much. let's now about to christine . she's coming in on the phonefrom columbus, ohio. good morning, christine .

>> good morning. hi, joy. i travel a lot internationally for work and many of the hotels i stay in don't have access to a fitness center and due to an old injury i can't run or do power walking , so i need some tips to help me stay in shape when i'm traveling.

>> al and i can both really relate to the traveling and the working out. i think the easiest thing you can do is pick up an exercise dvd that doesn't require a lot of heavy equipment or a lot of space. this way you're traveling with your laptop, you could pop it right into the laptop, position it on the desk in the hotel room and you could do it whenever you travel. another great thing to do is invest in one session with a personal trainer. and ask them to design for you on all-over body workout that gets your cardiovascular system going that doesn't require heavy weights or a lot of space, and the bands are very easy to travel with.

>> those resistance bands.

>> and they're great. and they go right in your suit case. you could do that when you travel, as well. and don't discount walking, even a casual walk if it's eight a great touristy spot or recreational place, it plays double duty. because you get to see the sights and you work out.

>> all right, christine , thank you so much. last one, viewer e-mail, this from steve in seabrook, texas i'm a 41-year-old mail. i don't think i've ever had any digestion problems until lately. seem to have symptoms normally associated with lactose intolerance .

>> it's interesting because a lot of people can develop a lactose intolerance as we age. because, as we age our body produces less of the enzyme lactaid. which helps to digest and break down lactose and milk products . so the easiest thing to do is personally, investigate. lay off of all things that have milk. milk, ice cream , yogurt, soft cheeses, the hard cheeses are generally okay, because very, very low in lactose like cheddar and swiss. and if his symptoms resolve, he does, indeed, now have a lactose intolerance .