TODAY   |  May 07, 2012

Escort: Secret Service agents were ‘stupid brutes’

The prostitute at the center of the Secret Service sex scandal speaks in her first American television interview, calling the agents “stupid brutes” and saying she’s “not to blame for being attractive.” NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>> much. nine members of the u.s. secret service are leaving the agency in the wake of that prostitution scandal, tied to president obama 's trip to colombia. this morning, though, we're hearing from the woman at the center of it all. nbc's michelle kosinski sat down with her exclusively in madrid. michelle, good morning to you.

>> good morning, matt. she's a 24-year-old mom, has family here. she chose to do this interview, not being paid for it, saying her life's been turned upside down since being exposed as an es sort. and in her version of 9 events she called the secret service men stupid brutes which put extreme partying ahead of the president's security.

>> translator: no. they like to show off heir bodies. great bodies. well-defined abs. they like attention, and we colombian women are not used to that. i was surprised that every time he dance with me he lift up his sweater so i could see.

>> so they were acting very bold, and sure of themselves?

>> translator: they were full of themselves. there was an --

>> were they shy about asking for sex or were they very direct about it?

>> translator: very direct. i will say too direct.

>> did any of them say that they had done this before?

>> translator: no, but the way they approach it it seems obvious that they were used to doing it, because people that do this for the first time are very shy.

>> what if someone said, well, you went to the bar, you tempted these guys.

>> translator: no, i'm not to blame for being attractive. they are to blame for leaving their jewelry bond.

>> reporter: danya suarez says the three men who approached her and her friend, she assumed they were tourist, were drinking like quote it was water but were still coherent. she said she made it clear that a night with her would cost $800.

>> translator: these are very basic words. sex, sexto, cash, money, dinero. i made a sign with my fingers so that he couldn't pretend that he was charging $80 or 80 cents. okay, no problem. let's go.

>> reporter: she says after what she described as normal sex he fell asleep. that she could have gone through or stolen everything in his room, but didn't. and the next morning --

>> translator: he told me to stay.

>> he told you to stay longer?

>> translator: he told me stay here. stay, my love.

>> stay my love.

>> translator: i told him no. i told him to give me my money. that i was going home.

>> was he angry?

>> translator: very angry. very angry.

>> she says the man, allegedly a secret service agent, gave her $50, ordered her out, closed the door. police got involved. she says other agents gathered about $250, and she left.

>> translator: i think it's fair that they can never have their -- again.

>> what do you think of these guys?

>> translator: --

>> why do you laugh so much?

>> translator: they seem like completely stupid. idi idiots. i don't know how obama had them in his security force . what dumb men.

>> the laughter lasts only until she thinks of her own life and of her 9-year-old son. she says in a way she feels sorry for the men involved but that no one should feel sorry for her.

>> translator: i know that it's something shameful and ugly. i don't justify it, but i did it. i kept it a low profile . never again.

>> a u.s. official acknowledges that investigators haven't talked to her because she left the country and they couldn't reach her and that the agent she claims to have been with has resigned. she says she has been contacted by a major american publishing house with interest in a book deal, which she says she'd be willing to do and still has plenty more details to