TODAY   |  May 02, 2012

Meet America’s newest sextuplets

Sextuplets were born last week to a young couple in Texas, and NBC’s Janet Shamlian talks to the proud parents.

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>> we're getting an exclusive first look at the septuplets born last week to a young couple in texas . nbc's janet shamlian is in houston this morning where she talked to those proud parents of six. janet, good morning.

>> hi, 56 savannah. the babies are here at texas children's civilian for women where the proud parents gave us a first and exclusive look at what's being called their new six-pack. the babies are tiny. but they are making big progress.

>> the world's newest sextuplets belong to a remarkably calm young houston area couple, lauren and david perkins . after what lauren describes as an easy pregnancy, the couple became the proud parents of a six-pack. three boys and three girls, born in four minutes, by cesarean section .

>> my heart was beating like crazy. and the first thing i noticed when i walked in and saw lauren was that she was shaking like crazy. i did not know that that was perfectly normal.

>> reporter: some 35 doctors, nurses, and other specialists at texas children's civilian for women were in the delivery room, a team for each baby.

>> baby "a" is out. i'm like, oh, we're starting. and they came out within four minutes of -- total four minutes all six were out.

>> reporter: andrew, ben, levi, allison, caroline, and leah . the largest was just 2 pounds 15 ounces.

>> when the mom came in the hospital, we knew where the equipment was going to be. we knew which teams would be at which bed and with which baby. so again, it's being ready. you don't want to do that the first time that night.

>> reporter: five of the perkins' six-pack are now breathing on their only. only leah is still on a ventilator and facing greater challenges. she had surgery monday and came through it well.

>> get your blankie.

>> reporter: after 18 months of trying on their own, lauren became pregnant with fertility drugs through a process known as iui. they made the decision not to selectively reduce.

>> seeing your six babies and seeing their heartbeats and there's no sign of any problems, so you know, how do you choose?

>> okay, buddy.

>> reporter: and now, they're simply overjoyed.

>> does it feel good?

>> reporter: yeah, that's when i feel like a mom.

>> reporter: for at least a few months the babies will remain here. and even with all the challenges ahead and leah 's fragile condition their proud dad looks forward to the day they will all be home.

>> i don't think that we'd be taken this far just to have something not go home with us. we're very confident in that.

>> reporter: the perkins are a little shell -shocked by all the attention they're getting. but savannah, even multiple births are on the rise, sextuplets are still extremely rare.