TODAY   |  April 24, 2012

Girl on cellphone plunges down sinkhole

A teenager who was walking and talking on her cellphone plunged 20 feet into a sinkhole after failing to notice caution blocks on the sidewalk. Firefighters rushed to the scene and saved the teen and a Good Samaritan who fell in while trying to save her. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>>> and walking and talking on a cell phone had disastrous results for a teenage girl in china. she didn't notice the caution blocks on the sidewalk and stepped right in to a sinkhole danger zone where the street then gave away. she plunged 20 feet straight down. a cab driver passing by saw the teen fall. he immediately stopped his car and dove in to help. the crumbling earth trapped both of them below until firefighters were able to finally rescue them. fortunately, matt and ann, they're all doing fine. that goes to show you the dangers of texting and being on the phone while you're walking.

>> give that cab driver a tip, number one! but number two, that's not so well marked.

>> shouldn't they have blocked that off --

>> a tape, a rope or something. but when the guy runs in and goes right to the edge of the hole, i'm thinking just a second before he has to go down. which apparently is what happened. lucky they're okay,