TODAY   |  April 17, 2012

Hottest vacation destinations of 2012

Lisa Gill of Conde Nast Traveler reveals the locations around the world featured in the magazine’s 16th annual “hot list,” including Scottsdale, Ariz. and Marrakech, Morocco.

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>> morning on "today's travel," the best new hotels, spas and resorts. if you're planning your summer vacation , we've got great ideas. lisa gill is senior editor for conde nast traveler here with their 2012 hot list. good to see you.

>> good morning.

>> not a reader's poll. this is all about editors and writers.

>> right. the hot list is an editor's pick of the world's best new hotels that have opened all around the world in the past year.

>> or reopened. these places could have been renovated and reopened in 2012 . the u.s. does pretty well on this list. there are 12 entries. let's start with one of them. you love this hotel in scottsdale, arizona. is it called the segoro.

>> this is one of the reinventions. a cluster style building, fun new design. friendly vibe. we love this place because of the burst of color in a place that has a lot of sand tones.

>> and a lot of these types of resorts are located in the middle of nowhere in the desert. you like this because it's right on the edge of old town.

>> right near the shopping district, the arts district , so you can walk around and enjoy the town. $125 a night is the starting point.

>> let's move on to chicago. the public in chicago getting a lot of attention.

>> yeah.

>> this was a top to bottom renovation.

>> it was. it is the first of ian schrager 's new hotels. hotel classic in the gold coast . and they've done a fabulous job in

>> especially like the food here.

>> we love the food. the restaurant is iconic. a lot of celebrities used to go there and still go there. it's had another reinvention, and it's all good stuff.

>> as you mention right on the gold coast . let's head down to new orleans right now. in the french quarter , what did you like there?

>> we love that new orleans is on the list this year. the saint is a modern twist on new orleans style. it's in the french quarter right on canal street . and we love the historic touches, gas lanterns and the entryway but the rooms are very modern and fresh and we love that combination of fresh and historic.

>> when i was looking through the information on this particular hotel, the saint, one thing jumped out at me. you describe or the writers describe it as boardleo chic.

>> that's the burgundy bar which has a louis armstrong theme. we love it. you know, deep red bankettes and very cozy spaces.

>> new orleans is a great town to visit any time of the year. the next property has been described as an upscale grown-up version of summer camp , located only about 2 1/2 hours from here out on montauk in long island.

>> this is like summer camp for adults. it's so much stuff to do. it's a very social experience. you can do ping pong , yoga, paddle boarding. feels like summer camp . rooms are kind of rustic with cedar plank walls and it's really fun. it's a really fun place to be.

>> if you are a surfer this one is just a shuttle bus ride away from the best surf break on the east coast . or at least arguably, that's ditch plains out in montauk.

>> this place is open from may to september. so it's a real summer get away.

>> i was looking at some of the rates on this one. and it says $175 a night. that's not for peak season right?

>> peak season is july and august and i will pay a little bit more. you can find really great deals in the months around that, may, june, and september.

>> all right. let's get a little bit more exotic. the next one is a cool hotel in marrakech, morocco.

>> marrakech is one of the hottest cities in the world. and ria joya is a real gem of a place. seven rooms.

>> total?

>> it is seven rooms total. it's in a traditional moroccan house called a riyad. and the rooms are oriented around an inner court yard. it's intimate. the attention to detail is amazing. we love the milan meets morocco.

>> because there are only seven rooms my guess is it's a little more expensive?

>> it's very affordable. rooms start at $228 a night. it's really great for groups. if you rent the whole place you have the whole place to yourself.

>> finally, this is the most expensive one on the list i understand. this is abu camp in botswana .

>> this is a place to add to your bucket list . it's in northern botswana and situated on a 450,000 private game reserve that has the highest concentration of elephants anywhere in africa. so your experience with elephant elephants here is really like no other place you'll ever be. lap of luxury. and it's the best thing about this place, totally solar powered so you're saving the planet.

>> i went to botswana for where in the world one year. it is stunningly beautiful. what's the best time of the year to go there, because they're in their fall season right now.

>> mm-hmm. they do have a anyy season. it's best to check with an agent who can book you at the right time and also the right season. but i would say probably the summer months, the fall months is really great. don't forget the price is a little pricey, $3800 for two people per night. but that includes all meals, game drive, laundry, park fees, so you get a lot of value for your money.

>> thank you very much. appreciate it.