TODAY   |  April 10, 2012

Sara blossoms as a ‘petal’ pusher

TODAY’s Sara Haines takes a trip to New York City’s famed flower district to learn the tips and tricks from professionals who create some of the world’s best floral arrangements.

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>>> time now for another edition of " sara in the city." where sara bravely takes on a job outside of her comfort zone .

>> this time around she seems to be blossoming.

>> we are talking about flowers . we all love receiving them, but have you are wondered what goes into those pretty arrangements?

>> a lot of work.

>> completely. i went behind the scenes in new york's flower district to find out.

>> welcome to superior florists.

>> i am sam.

>> how are you sm i'm sara .

>> i'm steve.

>> superior florist was started in 1930 by louie rosenberg. his son and grandson carry on the family tradition today. why are there no women in this place? flowers are very feminine.

>> we do have girls in here at times.

>> what's the most difficult customer?

>> some fancy pants bride that thinks she knows everything.

>> bride zil las? what's the absolute busiest day?

>> valentine's day.

>> hands down.

>> everybody wants the same thing at the same time, the same day.

>> valentine's day, you're dealing with men which is easier than dealing with women.

>> it was time no nip that myth in the bud. have you ever heard that song by guns n' roses? oh, i should probably help. then it was on to the art of floral arrangements.

>> your arrangements needs greens to hold the flowers together. because if you put the flowers in, they'll just go all over the place.

>> tony, i won't copy you, i promise.

>> i wouldn't mind.

>> i was beginning to embrace my flower power .

>> have you ever heard neal diamond's "you don't send me flowers anymore"? you don't bring me flowers anymore

>> but i started to see why things can get tense at flower shops. who gave me the dead roses ? sorry! that's not what we do?

>> no, that's not what you do.

>> how much would this retail for?

>> something like this would retail for like $50, $60.

>> flowers by sara . i'm going to rattle off scenarios. you tell me one flower. you just fell in love .

>> roses.

>> you have a dear friend of the opposite sex and you'd like to let her know you appreciate her --

>> lillies.

>> you've been married for 50 years. you screw up --

>> i never screw up.

>> what do you sen?

>> a cheesecake.

>> now you're going to be sending flowers to kathie lee and hoda.

>> who's hoda? i know who kathie lee is. i think i would send her roses.

>> what color?

>> red.

>> what would you send hoda?

>> a hoda is a woman.

>> a hoda is a woman.

>> yellow.

>> red roses for kathie lee , yellow roses for a hoda.

>> this way one can't say they got a better one than the other.

>> there's a woman right now in the store asking about pricing for "my" arrangement. i even advanced to a bridal bouquet. going to the chapel and we're going to get married before taking a turn on the phone.

>> happy sweatshirt. okay. anniversary. are you kidding me? that's adorable. it was a busy day at superior florist but by the end of the day , everything was coming up roses. you guys promised me if i did a good job today, you'd do this one thing for me. right?

>> yeah.

>> yeah, yeah, yeah.

>> one, two, three -- superior!

>> fun!

>> they didn't want to leave you empty handed so the gentlemen, sam and company, at superior florist sent you your arrangements.

>> that's very nice.

>> for a hoda and for kathie lee .

>> who's hoda?

>> the egyptian. thank you so much. for those of you just tuning in now.

>>> tomorrow --

>> no! a seven-day mood makeover!