TODAY   |  March 31, 2012

Dog welcomes soldier home — again

For the second time in a year, a video of an excited dog named Chuck greeting his master, a returning U.S. soldier, has gone viral.

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>>> it's a once-in-a-lifetime reunion that happened to be caught on camera twice. nick found this enthusiastic greeting from his best friend chuck when he walked through the door, and then last week after returning home after a second deployment in afghanistan, he had his old friend waiting for him once again. that video has now gone viral with over two million hits on youtube, and joining us now via skype is nick, his wife, and the woman behind the camera katy and their dog chuck . nice to have both of you with us. and chuck there. nick, let me ask you. the first deployment we saw this tape of the incredible greeting. did you know that chuck had taken your deployment so hard?

>> i had an idea. i told my wife before the employment he was the hardest one to say good-bye to. my daughter was so young she didn't understand where i was going. my wife obviously knew i was going off to the army and heading to deployment. but animals don't quite understand that deployment, that you're going off for deployment or a business trip . they see you leaving. i guess they ultimately see it's dim and that's why you're leaving.

>> and this other deployment was caught on tape after eight months. this one, the cameras are rolling in anticipation, so you kind of thought this might happen, right?

>> katy actually warned me about it. she told me i shouldn't surprise her because she wanted to get this moment on tape. i'm glad we did. it's like you said a second in a lifetime opportunity.

>> katy , were you feeling a bit left out? you're behind the camera here.

>> it's okay. we had our greeting before they met. i left chuck in the truck while i said hi to him and i said stay right there, i have to get the camera and i'm going let chuck out. we had our greeting and i knew chuck was going to go crazy, which was why i needed to get it on video.

>> listen. what did the two of you make of the fact that two million hits, two million people have watched this or at least it's been looked at two million times.

>> i think it goes to show that people are still good out there. they see something like this, and they don't attribute it to anything going on in the world. a man coming home and a dog that has unconditional love for him, is happy to see him. i believe that everybody wants to be greeting like that.

>> well, this is why we love dogs. nick, katy , and chuck , listen. thanks for spending some part of your morning with us, we do appreciate it.