TODAY   |  March 28, 2012

Young veterans share their skills, dreams

TODAY’s Ann Curry talks with several young U.S. military veterans searching for jobs and spotlights their vast skill sets for the workplace and their professional goals.

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>>> back now with more of our "hiring our heroes" event. a special event aboard "the uss intrepid " in partnership with the u.s. chamber of commerce , and here inside one of the hangars we have 100 visitors, some of them from fortune 500 companies, some of them from small businesses , representing small businesses who are welcoming our heroes, hoping to hire them. including derrick coy who was once a marine, and you're here now looking for what job?

>> i'm looking for something to give back to the community, especially veterans . anything that will fit that bill.

>> you have a skill set, your resume says that you manage a monthly budget in the marines of $100,000. is that right?

>> yes, it is.

>> is that translating? are they listening to that as you talk to people here?

>> it's something a lot of people like to hear. because we dealt with high dungates and a lot of sensitive equipment. that definitely translates to the private sector and helps out quite a bit.

>> derrick coy, thank you so much. sfrou h now we're going to take a little walk and introduce you to vesta. i want to ask you about what you're looking. you're army by the way. what are you looking for here?

>> i'm marine.

>> oh, i got the wrong name. don't mess up, marine. i'm sorry. that would have been trouble. what are you looking for here?

>> i'm just looking for [ inaudible ]

>> and what are you studying in school?

>> international business .

>> my goodness. thought talks about the talents of our veterans . thank you so much our marine veteran. i'm sorry i had that wrong in my notes. now we've got anton thompson, he was in the navy for eight years. you have a very interesting resume, because it talks about how you provided operational oversight and training for a lab of 35 laboratory medical assistants and a high volume microbiology processing environment. my goodness that sounds so high tech . how is that translating to your efforts to find a job?

>> i'm looking for a job, and it helped me because it gaves me the critical aspects on how to do the administrative part so i think it's going to help.

>> what is the demand, i mean a lot of times these companies want college educated students. were you college educated?

>> yes, i'm currently working on my masters degree .

>> all right. but why were you having a hard time finding a job without this jobs fair?

>> i think because i didn't know exactly what i wanted to do at the time because i've done so many things in the military. so sometimes it's kind of hard to narrow down to that one thing.

>> seems to me that you're highly employable. i wish you luck. i'm going to also introduce you to zack zevin. and you are army. is that right?

>> yes, i am.

>> he's former army. got that one right. you are looking for a communications job. you were once a communications chief in the army, is that right?

>> i was. i'm actually looking for business development and production, though.

>> but you're standing here in front of comcast nbc universal . what is your -- are they listening to you in terms of what kind of job you want to ask for?

>> absolutely. these guys have wonderful. they want to get to the bottom of what makes me happy and i think that we can work something out.

>> i can tell you you have a fantastic voice for broadcasting, if i might say so. to anybody who is listening you really do. in terms of veterans who are listening today who are at home, who may be feeling that they also want some help, what is your message to veterans in terms of the openness of companies to hiring them? and what is your message to companies?

>> well, my message to companies is that absolutely hire veterans . those guys, every single veteran that i know is -- has experience with getting the job done, regardless of what it is. that is what we did. in terms of the veterans , reach out, find other veterans , find a support network and go to events like these. you'll definitely be happy.

>> thank you so much for being with us.

>> thank you.

>> and also we want to tell everybody that you can take part on that note he just mentioned you can take part online by going to veterans . and we have