TODAY   |  March 22, 2012

All shook up: Mystery tremors rattle Wisconsin town

Residents of the small Wisconsin town of Clintonville are trying to figure out what caused more than 400 tremors during the past week. They’ve ruled out an earthquake, and some residents wonder if it’s extraterrestrial.  NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> lot of shaking going on in a small wisconsin town where strange booms have been heard and felt for three straight nights. stephanie gosk is in clintonville where residents are baffled. good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, matt. they felt the booms again last night,ers specially here in this neighborhood. people are trying to keep a sense of humor about this but they are spooked. there's not many things that are inexplainable let alone shaking beds in the middle of the night and booms. scientists have no idea what this is. it's an unsolved mystery that has left people here in clintonville , wisconsin literally rattled.

>> it was like a ground shaking kind of push off the chest kind of feeling.

>> we heard a boom, boom, boom.

>> we heard weird banging going on and our whole house was shaking.

>> reporter: all week, noises and tremors turned this community of 4600 into a boom town shaking people awake in the middle of the night .

>> it's definitely something underground. it could be something big.

>> reporter: wednesday night, residents gathered at a community meeting .

>> it's a strong possibility a natural phenomenon is occurring under the ground.

>> reporter: all the dots represent 400 reports of noises to police so far.

>> did you hear a boom?

>> yeah, right now. it felt like it was under my chair.

>> reporter: city officials are checking gas lines and sewers. anything to sniff out possible explanations. they have ruled out an earthqua earthquake, under ground blasting and electrical problems. it's a head scratcher.

>> it's the $64,000 question . why is clintonville being subjected to it?

>> reporter: some wonder if it's extra tresial.

>> maybe it's the astronauts coming to get us. i don't know.

>> reporter: someone tweeted, i had no idea they were filming the "tremors" remake in clintonville , wisconsin . it's the sci-fi flick where aliens shake up a small nevada town from deep down underground. while there is concern in clintonville , many in town are taking it lightly.

>> it is not giant groundhogs.

>> reporter: others see it as a blessing in disguise . a team of engineers is coming in to gauge seismic activity. one theory is it may have to do with the very warm weather. ma matt?

>> stephanie, thank you very much. the astronauts coming to get us.