TODAY   |  March 20, 2012

Mom, 43, is an NFL cheerleader

Meet Laura Vikmanis, Lisa Schwartz and Holly Westhoff, women who started new career paths later in life and offer advice for others looking to start over.

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here's to the good old boys the guitars that made the noise and all the girls --

>> you're back on this tuesday, booze day with more of "today" and the voice behind "woman like you," country's lee brice is here helping me out while kathie lee enjoys a couple of days off. while lee's first act has really taken off, we're talking about second acts and people that decide they want to start it all over again.

>> that's right. we have three of those people with us. laura was a stay-at-home mom turned nfl cheerleader .

>> he's been waiting for you, by the way.

>> she writes about her adventure in "it's not about the pom poms."

>>> also we have with us lisa, she was in management consulting and now she is a cheese maker, a farmer. her store was featured on yahoo! news, second acts. then holly went from being a movie marketing executive to an interior design intern. look at you ladies!

>> wow.

>> you know, a lot of people want to try the second act but they are fearful. you went out for cheerleading. didn't make it the first time but you kept going. tell us about that.

>> i did. you know what? i was in a place in my life where i just got out of a really terrible marriage, really lost myself and i needed to get my confidence back. went to a game. saw the girls on the field. said i want to do that. i want to be in that little outfit and have the confidence to do just that. i love dancing and that's my passion.

>> honey, we don't mind.

>> did you have people who said, look, honey, you're too old for this, this is for young girls. what made you say i don't care?

>> i really tried to put that out of my head and said i love dancing, i have to do this for me and you just have to let the fear go and just give it a try.

>> lisa, your transition was quite an interesting one. you went from consulting manager to a marm farmer/cheesemaker.

>> where did that passion come from?

>> the passion gssion revolved around -- i realized i loved food. i also realized ten years ago i was concerned with healthy eating and bringing people together over food and creating something authentic with my own two hands.

>> i wish i could do that. i love food, too.

>> one morning i woke up and i said to my husband, honey, i think i'm going to be a farmer. it was that simple.

>> finances play into these kind of things, too. have you a job that's paying. this one obviously db probably isn't paying as much. how did you work it out financially?

>> those are always interesting dilemmas for individuals. i was fortunate that i had a backyard where i bought myself my first pair of goats and i just started learning.

>> did your own thing. are you happy?

>> i love it. wake up every day. right now it is birthing season an we're delivering baby goats every morning.

>> you're happy. that's what really matters.

>> holly, down to you. this is interesting. you went from a marketing executive to an interior design intern.

>> yes.

>> how did that feel to be an intern at kind of our age?

>> it's kind of crazy. but i knew what i was getting into because i had interns work for me in the past and i knew if i was smart about it, that i could learn so much and it's kind of learning how to check your ego at the door and just be open to any menial task being an amazing learning experience.

>> did you just love interior design ? was there something new that said --

>> it's funny, i felt a little lost when i was laid off from my job and i just wanted to be happy again. when you're single, like i am, it's that much more glaringly obvious when you're not getting what you want from your career. and, you know, just -- i -- interior design , i redecorated a friend's office shortly after i was laid off. i thought, oh, my gosh, this is my thing.

>> you know what stops people i think from doing that kind of stuff? it is like you're afraid. you don't know. how do you overcome sort of that fear factor to get in the game?

>> a lot of fears are perceived and you just have to think about it a different way and say, you know what? i'm just going to try it anyway and let the fear go.

>> i think there's always a long list of reasons not to do something. and sometimes there's only one reason to do it. you just do it.

>> and life is way too short.

>> life is too short. you guys are such an inspiration. i have to say. a lot of people are saying at home, i want to -- but. i have five reasons i can't do it but there's only one reason you should. ladies, thanks.