TODAY   |  March 13, 2012

‘Casa’ stars turn Studio 1A into a spa

Will Ferrell and Nick Offerman, the stars of the new comedy “Casa de mi Padre,” kick back with robes and Bloody Mary’s while talking about their new film, and its “muy caliente” sex scene.

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>>> audiences fell in love with will ferrell in "anchorman" and "old school," and nick offerman continues to win accolades, god only knows why, for his role on ron swanson on "parks and recreation."

>> together, there is no doubt they'll make comedy magic. they are starring in a funny, funny new movie, in spanish, take a look.

>> do you speak american?

>> no, senor.

>> and they are here.

>> they're here.

>> in body, in -- what's going on with the robes?

>> it's so relaxing here. i don't know what it is. it is. the whole place is like a spa. yeah.

>> thanks for staying around. we rarely get anybody to stick around for the 10:00 hour.

>> this is a mercy visit.

>> graveyard shift of the "today" show.

>> yeah, yeah, yeah. this movie, when i heard it was subtitled and everyone said it was funny, i didn't realize how funny this thing could be. tell us what drew you to this thing, will.

>> it was -- were you as drunk as i was?

>> absolutely. three sheets. this is delicious. thank you.

>> that's jerry. jerry's the guy to get to know around here.

>> thank you, jerry.

>> this was a crazy idea i had for years and years, to put myself in a spanish language film. i don't speak spanish. i thought someone from american comedy put themselves in this position, something we haven't seen before.

>> in a novella style.

>> absolutely. but i don't speak spanish.

>> we believe it.

>> i studied it pretty closely, worked with --

>> did you do the rosetta stone ?

>> i did for like a day. yeah. it was terribly hard to figure out how to use it. and -- but mr. offerman, he has to speak span niche the movie horribly.

>> that's right.

>> isn't that easier?

>> not when you're as fluent in as many languages as i am.

>> i heard. like ten.

>> i had to really dumb it down.

>> well, all the performances are unbelievable. there's a sex scene that -- the lights --

>> yeah.

>> i hate to say the words young, because she's young, but that's what i felt when i saw this gorgeous girl who plays your love interest .

>> genesis rodriguez .

>> which means beginning.

>> yes. muy caliente.

>> i'm fine. she's so caliente.

>> how was the sex scene ?

>> well, basically -- it's our take on, you know, the penultimate love making scene but it's just a long series of shots of the butt. over and over . and a mannequin gets thrown in just for fun.

>> like the fake horse, the fake body.

>> a lot of massaging of butts.

>> and tender groping and kneading. there's kneading.

>> and yet there was a sensitivity.

>> there was.

>> it was your first sexual experience.

>> it was handled with care.

>> yeah. yeah.

>> i love --

>> armando's a sweetheart.

>> but his father tells him that he's not very smart.

>> not very marsmart.

>> that's our favorite scene.

>> and he has small eyes , like eyes like a chicken.

>> but like your mother.

>> yes.

>> my other favorite scene, you have the scene about this is one of your favorite spots that your mother used to come.

>> don't tell that. it gives it away.

>> no, it doesn't. oh, right. it gives it away.

>> let's get it together. what's going on?

>> we really like the movies we see, but this one we are really, really very fond of.

>> when you heard about this movie, when will told you about it, were you reluctant or did you jump right in?

>> i refused, i flatout refused.

>> several times.

>> and i was sedated by my wife, and will came over and there was a whole intervention and --

>> under the cover of darkness we --

>> at the end of it i signed a contract. and it's a three-picture deal.

>> right.

>> we have a german picture coming next.

>> remake of " das boot ."

>> i think "das boat" would be funnier.

>> doesn't take place on a submarine, oddly enough.

>> we watched it and thought how much fun did they have on the set. have you had as much fun on another set?

>> well, i mean, it was -- you have to remember, i am intensely trying to remember this script in spanish.

>> right.

>> so i was kind of the boring guy on set. he had --

>> i'll say.

>> it's not " war and peace ."

>> what a drag.

>> thanks for coming to see us.

>> thanks for having us.

>> so funny. it opens on