TODAY   |  March 02, 2012

Diddy ‘Undefeated’: From music to movies

Music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs talks about the Oscar-winning documentary “Undefeated,” for which he was an executive producer.

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>> we have to say hello to sean diddy combs. created his own clothing line. we just want to make sure everybody knows you're here. you recorded a platinum album .

>> t.j. and daniel are technically the directors of the film. they are technically the winners. i'm like the martin scorcese , jr., the executive producer. everybody just ran with it. i'm like -- i'm the oscar winner but these young talented entrepreneurial directors, shoutout to them. they are the ones that -- they are the guys.

>> the movie is "undefeated."

>> it's a documentary.

>> a documentary. i did it with the winestein group who did probably the most successful documentary "fahrenheit 9/11." this is about the tigers, about believing in yourself. it's about a coach that believed in the kids more than they believed in themselves. then they start to believe. it becomes addictive.

>> life-changing for them.

>> life-changing for them. it's about the foundation. it's about belief. not just about football, sports. it's not "friday night lights." it's truly a human drama piece that's done in north memphis about these kids' lives. it follows three kids and the life of the coach.

>> one person can make a difference.

>> yes.

>> was there somebody like that for you?

>> yeah. i would have to say it was my grandmother. it was her looking at me like i could be somebody. especially like what my surroundings were. she wasn't going for it. she was not having that reality. this coach is just so incredible. this coach really believed in these kids and they started to believe in themselves. he gives incredible speeches. by the end of the movie, one of the guys in the movie named chavis, one of the most troubled youth in there, he gives a speech that's one of the speeches that just breaks you down into tears. it's amazing. the movie is amazing. it's in chicago, philly, san francisco today. open wide . it's won the oscar. also, i must let you know. i want to thank nbc and comcast. i started my own new network. it will be the number one name in music. we'll play what the others are afraid to play. we are bringing soul back to music.

>> we look forward to hearing more from you.

>> thanks for tweeting us.

>> yeah! i am diddy, follow me.

>> yes, you are.

>> i am diddy.

>> you are.