TODAY   |  February 23, 2012

Top websites, apps to make life easier

Liz Gumbinner of shows six websites and applications that help you scrapbook, shop, help your kids with homework and even play games.

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>>> on today's tech, cool apps and websites designed to make your life easier. whether you want to save time and money, or you need a little inspiration, help is as close as your computer, tablet or smartphone. liz is publisher and editor in chief of liz, always good to see you, good morning. we keep hearing about all different sorts of sites and app. i keep hearing the word "pinterest." what is it?

>> it's like the website that's eaten the internet. five million unique monthly users, to ten million just since january. a visual social curation site for the way women particularly 0 over the years have ripped pages out of magazines they've loved and saved them. it allows you to do that online by pinning. you find an image that you like online. say planning a wedding or travel or baby gear or toys that you love and you pit them together on a board. sort of by topic. from there you can repin other people, you can get comments on yours, it gives you that fun feedback of social media .

>> the audience is largely women, who some call natural curators.

>> cool mom picks is a series of boards that arranges everything from travel to food. so we started a board just featuring cool " star wars " stuff.

>> let's talk about a app that helps you consolidate numbers for hotels, car rental .

>> it's a life saver , especially if you're a frequent traveler. all you do is all those confirmations you're getting from airports or from car rentals , restaurant reservations, activities, you just forward it to plans and it goes into an itinerary for you. if you upgrade to the pro version, which i believe is $49 a year, you go et some extra benefits that pay for itself. like showing you if your airline price goes down and if you're entitled to rebook for lower.

>> this was a life-saver for your recent trip to disney.

>> we just got back from disney, it was so easy to keep up with all the reservations.

>> people might have heard from isnta-gram. how about websta-gram.

>> insta-gram is a popular photo-sharing site. it's a simple way to make your photos look good, share it on twitter, email it to your family members. share it socially and comment on others. however, websta-gram, is a website that allows you to do a lot of this online and not just do your mobile app.

>> we're looking at some pictures here, today has a site and with your of our stage managers is going to take our picture. he will take the picture, he'll post it and from there people can go on and comment, right?

>> absolutely. they can share, they can like it or you can even now go on to websta-gram and see it through the computer if you have an insta-gram app account.

>> there's a link on the " today show " site.

>>> suddenly is changing the way shopping online works, right?

>> not for bargain-hunters, but it's great if you're a procrastinator or impatient. this is an amazing service based out of new york, they service new york to richmond. what they'll do do over 100 stores, they'll go buy all kinds of stuff for you and for one overnight shipping rate, they'll ship it all to you. let's say you've got an emergency trip and you need to get things, they can get it all, ship it in one box for one price.

>> the one called iyanna which helps you know when certain items go on sale.

>> eyeonna. as in i have my eye on a pair of shoes. you take your cell phone, take a picture of the item after you bought it or your receipt. the site will let you know if the price has dropped. it's a consumer protection plan.

>> still ahead, beauty secrets to looking younger from around the world. after your local news.