TODAY   |  February 17, 2012

What to do, see this President’s Day weekend

TODAY experts Nilou Motamed, Joe Levy, Farnoosh Torabi, and Amy Goodman give their tips on where to go and what to do over President’s Day weekend – without breaking the bank.

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>>> back now at 8:08. this morning, everything you need to see, do and buy this presidents' day weekend. we have four experts to walk you through it.

>> first travel & leisure magazine 's features editor. nice to see you.

>> you, too. you like las vegas . you say supply and demand , the ratio works for you at this time of year.

>> a lot of rooms, a lot of flights. you get affordable deals. two different hotels, both rated as the world's best from readers are offering $199 a night. the bellagio with the famous fountain, and 14 restaurants and the palazzo with over the top luxury. sunken living rooms and an additional $100 in amenities.

>> another place that seems like a natural location for presidents' day weekend, washington, d.c.

>> washington, d.c. the sofitel there. during the weekend in the city you will get better rates. they have $180 where normally the rates are $360 during the week. you are within walking distance of the smithsonian, the washington monument and the white house .

>> and wear comfortable shoes. you like florida, but is it prime season there?

>> it is high season. look to me for the good deal. it's 78 degrees now in the florida keys . i suggest going down to the postcard inn. this is lovely, brand new. they welcome you with lollipops and lemonade which segues into a rum cooler. $229 a night. they have a sister property on the gulf coast that's also amazing. $189 a night.

>> to wrap it up for the active you like new mexico. a wide range of activities.

>> it's great to golf, horseback ride and go skiing in the same day. the hyatt regency resort and gulf spa has a great deal. they are offering 33% off regular rates and they have s'mores and stars. you can do some star gazing and eating at the same time.

>> thank you very much. now here's savannah.

>> all right, matt. maybe you're planning a trip to the movies. what should you see? rolling stone contributor joe levy has the scoop.

>> good morning.

>> first on the list, "in means war" is out. it's cia agents and a bizarre love triangle .

>> these are two super spies who are so good at spying they don't realize they have fallen for the same girl. they use the cia to get in each other's way. it's an action comedy for guys. it has chris pine , tom hardy and reese witherspoon . it's fun, a romantic comedy . if you don't mind guys spying on a girl they are supposed to love this might be for you.

>> "the vow" is already a hit.

>> it's for fans of "the notebook." a little bit like "50 first dates." they're in love, she forgets who he is. he has to win her back. it's a kleenex movie and it's a little bit better than guys think it will be. rachel mcadams is so great. if your girlfriend or wife wants to take you, go, make her happy.

>> and for an action movie you say "chronicle".

>> this is a fun movie, a found footage movie. three kids find a hole in the ground and turn into superheroes. they're teenagers and they act like teenagers. that makes it fun. this is one of the better movies out there now. it's a good, different kind of superhero movie .

>> if you want to do oscar catch-up?

>> catch up with "hugo" or "the artist." you're afraid they're arty, but they are fun and cool. go see them.

>> joe, thank you. now here's al.

>> thank you. how do you save money when you shop this weekend? the host of financially fit on yahoo is here. good morning.

>> good morning. before you shop download shop savvy or red laser , comparison shopping applications. while you're shopping in the store you can scan bar codes and see if you are getting the best deal in town. i suggest showing the competitive price to the store manager and asking them to match or beat it.

>> and you can fill in a coupon code?

>> a lot of times retailers will have them on sites but they can be hard to track down. couponcabin and retailmenot are in the business of aggravating coupon codes for you and saving you on shipping or an additional discount.

>> and if this turns out to be like black friday is retailers will be aggressive with facebook and twitter, advertising earlier than any place else. if you want to be an early bird that's where to look for them.

>> don't be shy. now is the time to haggle.

>> especially in the market for february. february is when the new furniture comes to show rooms. the old furniture has to leave. retailers will be especially aggressive wanting to get them out the door. ask for free delivery to your home or free pillows if you're getting a couch. say, what can you do for me? it usually works.

>> can't hurt. thank you so much.

>> sure.

>> finally, what to buy from colorful footwear to cool gadgets. amy goodman has you covered. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> i love the statistic that this is better. preside presidents day weekend is better for clothing.

>> save up to 47.6% on average on clothing items. this is the best time to purchase a suit. from shop it to, a website that alerts you of sales on things you want we have gorgeous suits up to 65% off.

>> they are a staple for the wardrobe.

>> great for pregraduation gifts, too.

>> designer handbags from nordstrom. 75% off. let me under score the whole store is 75% off.

>> is that normal?

>> it's a special things for presidents day .

>> and for handbags, the same can be said about shoes.

>> these are from aerosoles. these boots are originally $150. $39 now.

>> and comfortable.

>> comfort technology.

>> and you see white sales this week.

>> traditionally this time of year and they are in effect. from macy's, 50% off all comforters with an additional 15% off. pillows are buy one, get one free.

>> fantastic. it doesn't have to be white. all colors are on sale.

>> kohl's, a sale on towels.

>> and electronics are on style this weekend.

>> e-readers, the prices are holding steady, but the bonuses. this is from staples. for the kindle fire that's $199 you get a $25 staples gift card . the sale starts sunday.

>> fantastic. ta% off flat screens.

>> look for a discount 20% to 30% off. the best