TODAY   |  February 15, 2012

Khloe Kardashian ‘definitely still wants kids’

Khloe Kardashian dishes on some of the drama we can expect in the upcoming season of her reality show “Khloe & Lamar,” and tells TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie that she and her husband, the Dallas Mavericks’ Lamar Odom, still have plans to start a family.

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>>> it comes to the kardashians there is never a shortage of drama. khloe and her husband are about to deliver more in the second season of " khloe and lamar ." some of it centers on khloe 's brother rob. take a look.

>> wow. rob really did move out.

>> are you sad that rob is out?

>> i love rob. don't you like rob on " dancing with the stars " though?

>> rob just started " dancing with the stars ." the sad thing is you say you want to be on " dancing with the stars ."

>> khloe kardashian odum, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> lamar has moves on the court.

>> lamar has moves everywhere. lamar felt some way about rob moving out and not saying anything. rob just sent movers to our house which i thought was so not like my brother to do. but i think he didn't know how to handle wanting to move out.

>> that's just the beginning of the drama this season.

>> oh, yeah.

>> including a move to dallas . you moved to texas. how do you like it?

>> i love texas. dallas , it's such a warm, overwhelmingly genuine, just -- we have been welcomed with open arms which is amazing. i was nervous. i didn't want lamar to be traded and the team to be like, oh, god, his wife is coming with all of her baggage and the cameras. i didn't want that to happen. but marc cuban is a phenomenal owner and embraces us with open arms . it's great. before that the drama of going through the nba lockout and possibly being traded to new orleans.

>> you get a behind the scenes of the lockout.

>> you do. how emotional it is for lamar . they called us at midnight. we're like, the plane's at 7:00 a.m ., get ready. happens if you don't have a wife to pack your bags and stay behind ? he said, you figure it out.

>> you decided to take the cameras with you. moving is hard enough. did that add extra pressure or was it comforting?

>> definitely i feel it added extra pressure just because we were in the middle of filming. it's not like i could say -- we have a contract. not like i could say, okay, we're done just because we're moving. for them, they loved it. they were like, drama, stress, great.

>> built the story line .

>> they loved it.

>> another big story line we are getting hints about is this issue of whether you and lamar will start a family. i know you are asked all the time.

>> yes.

>> there is a moment in the previews where you ask lamar if he's jealous because your big sister is expecting a baby. he says, yes, they get to have another baby.

>> i know!

>> is that still on the plan?

>> always on the plan for lamar and i to start a family. when i heard that it broke my heart to hear it. i didn't think he felt that way. definitely we want kids. but, you know, we really are just like when it happens it happens. people have so many rumors out there that, you know, i'm doing fertility treatments. yesterday i actually got sent bouquets of flowers which was so sweet to my condo in dallas . i read the card and it's from three different fertility treatments saying, i hope you try us out. i was like, that's presumptuous. i'm getting valentine's day flowers from three fertility treatments.

>> you're trying the old fashioned way.

>> yes.

>> which we see a little bit of in the show. i know people being in your business is the family business . is it creepy? cameras in the bedroom.

>> that's not my bedroom. it was rob's bedroom ico spn converted. there are security cameras that's the footage. i don't have cameramen in there. lamar is made very uncomfortable by the cameras.

>> we're out of time. anything more about tweeting your biological father?

>> i don't know who my dad is, i guess.