TODAY   |  February 14, 2012

Cancer-stricken girl gets visit from Bieber

Avalanna Ruth, a six-year-old girl battling aggressive cancer, got a surprise visit from her favorite superstar, Justin Bieber. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>> young girl gets a dream date with teen pop sensation justin bieber . natalie is here with the story.

>> does it get any better than this? it started with a pretend wedding for a 6-year-old girl fighting cancer and on monday she got to meet her pretend husband face-to-face. this little girl was already one of justin bieber 's biggest fans. now she knows why you should never say never. i will never say never i will fight

>> she suffers from a rare form of cancer and last year thanks to the jimmy fund she got a pretend marriage to her pop idol .

>> how old are you?

>> 6.

>> how long have you loved bieber ?

>> seven years. no, 80 years.

>> it was wonderful. it was wonderful. just another fun moment.

>> reporter: family and friends took to facebook hoping to arrange a meeting between bieber and the special little girl who came to be known as mrs. bieber . when she was profiled by a local affiliate -- baby, baby

>> it turns out bieber was watching. the pop superstar flew her and her familiarly to new york for a special valentine's visit on monday. the pair played board games , gave each other autographs and avalana even got to style bieber 's world famous hair. after the meeting, he tweet, that is one of the best things i have ever done. she was awesome. feeling really inspired now. another tweet simply read, best part of my day. this was a dream come true for avalana who is battling an aggressive form of cancer called atrt that she battled for almost all of her life. but after their special meeting, the little girl known as mrs. bieber has reason to feel extra special this valentine's day.

>> i have bieber fever.

>> an incredible day for a very special girl . by the way, atrt, the cancer she has, is so rare that there are less than 30 new cases diagnosed in the u.s. each year.

>> such a sweet story.

>> a very special occasion for her. good for justin bieber . he has a heart of gold .

>> yeah, we love that kid. natalie, thank you so much.