TODAY   |  February 10, 2012

Susan Powell’s dad: Porn is ‘strange twist’

Chuck Cox, whose two young grandsons were killed by Josh Powell, reacts to learning that child pornography had been found on Powell’s computer on TODAY.

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>> is susan powell 's father and charlie and braden's grandfather. thank you so much for being here.

>> thank you.

>> i want to talk about some of the new revelations we heard in the report. let me ask you about the memorial. i know you moved it to a larger venue. it will be streamed on the internet. you are allowing tv cameras there. why the willingness to make it public?

>> well, we have had a great support from many people. it's clear that people all over the world are affected by this horrendous act and care about our grandsons. we want to share with them and allow some other people to have closure on that part of it. so we felt it would be only right to allow other people the ability to grieve and to take part in a memorial service .

>> mr. cox, as we heard keith report a moment ago there were disturbing images found on josh's computer, animated depictions of incest between parent and child. i know that only compounds your pain. can you tell me when you found out about that?

>> about two minutes ago, i guess. but when i -- i heard it here. at the court hearing they were not discussing what was on the things they got off his computer. they were being careful about that. i just heard it.

>> i'm sorry that you're just learning this for the first time. had you or your attorney known of the existence of these images could that have changed the course of events, especially in terms of visitation rights and arrangements?

>> very possibly. it's clear that i believe he should not have been allowed visitation in his own home. it was much too hazardous.

>> i know some of his family members are suggesting he was hounded to death by authorities. at the same time those computer images we are talking about apparently led to this order for josh to undergo a psychosexual evaluation. that would have included a lie detector test . in your opinion, did that send him over the edge into this final horrific act?

>> i believe that he understood that there was no way he was going to bluff his way through this, not with the lie detector test on top of the examination and that this was it. the truth was going to come out.

>> you know, there's been a lot of scrutiny about what happened on sunday including the time it took for law enforcement officers to respond to the first 911 call prosecufrom the social worker. is that authorities underestimating what josh was capable of?

>> i think everybody underestimated what he was capable of. i could not believe he would have taken a hatchet to his own children. i have known him for quite a while. i don't think anybody can understand why he did this. and suspected he would have done this. so, yeah. the authorities -- it would have been better if they had better security or had the visitation in a different place. there was just no accounting for this. this is just such a strange twist.

>> i know you're going through a painful and difficult time. we appreciate your graciousness and willingness to speak with us.

>> thank you.

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