TODAY   |  February 07, 2012

‘Twilight’ actor sinks his teeth into his roles

Actor Peter Facinelli talks about his role as a vampire in the “Twilight” series’ latest installment, “Breaking Dawn,” and how different it is from the character he plays in the Showtime series “Nurse Jackie.”

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>>> all right. the "twilight" saga "breaking dawn" part one grossed over $700 million since it was released in november.

>> fans will be happy to know they can watch it over and over and over when the highly anticipated dvd is released late they are week.

>> peter facinelli plays carlisle cullen .

>> you're the enemy now. sam won't hesitate. you will be slaughtered.

>> emmet will come with us.

>> that won't be enough.

>> we have no choice, jacob. if there's anything we can do to save him, we have to try.

>> are you even recognized on the street? so different.

>> i don't recognize -- i look at pictures and i'm, like, is that me?

>> much better looking in person. i'm sorry.

>> that's okay. 350 years old. what do you want from me?

>> what do you think it is about these movies that keep people coming back?

>> i don't know. i think if people knew they would start making more like that. but i think it's an extension of the books, obviously. people are big fans of the books to start. and then, you know, i think these movies have a lot going on. it's not a typical vampire movie . it's in a vampire setting, but it's really about forbidden love and also about a family who supports each other. sometimes they're at odds, but they have a lot of love there. a lot of different, you know, levels going on with the vampire backdrop, which makes it interesting.

>> and a lot of beautiful people even if they are dead. my daughter is 18 1/2. when the first books came out, she was madly in love with them. her favorite person is edward cullen . no, edward cullen . i think it grabs those young girls --

>> in the books he's such a gentleman.

>> yes.

>> and i think people respond to that.

>> you're very deceptive, your age. you told me you're 38 but i can't believe it.

>> family so beautiful. really disturbing.

>> when we were filming shooting in new orleans, i took them out on the town there, the kids. i took my 5-year-old down bourbon street and i said -- they were clinging -- yeah.

>> the old photo.

>> the little one with the little pistol.

>> oh, wow. are any of them showing a desire to be vampires?

>> my oldest daughter is really talented song writer so she's been playing guitar. i think she's interested but it's not like she's out auditioning and stuff like that.

>> have they seen the movies?

>> they have. they've seen all the movies. i think they know -- when my youngest saw the movie she thought i was on skype and trying to talk to me. she was angry i wasn't responding.

>> in addition to the "twilight" series, you're busy on another project.

>> i have a movie i wrote and produced and star in. it's available on dvd with time warner cable . you can rent it on itunes. i play a pickpocket in new york --

>> based on your past life ?

>> yes. true story . no. he's a pickpocket and he kind of lives this fast, loose lifestyle, then he falls in love with this girl on a one- night stand and doesn't see her for a couple months. then she taps him on the shoulder and tells him she's pregnant. his life comes to a screeching halt.

>> did "twilight" typecast you? i know it did other characters.

>> i don't feel that. i do nurse jackie and that's 180 degrees.

>> sure.

>> and i really don't look like that. i think if i looked more like carlisle it would be harder for people to buy me playing other people, but because that character is so distinct and specific, i can play a role like dr. cooper. that's weird. carlisle's got this sexual tic. it's so different. that's what's fun for me. i get to play different roles.

>> writing and producing, too.

>> yeah.

>> valentine's day fast approaching. you've been married quite a long time. anything on tap?

>> you know, after -- i've been with her ten years. we were goinging to for 17 years and married for ten. after that long, it's, like, i don't know what else to get.

>> that she doesn't already have.

>> that she doesn't have.

>> you are a love. happy valentine's.

>> thank you very much for having me.

>> part one out on dvd this saturday, february 11th . up