TODAY   |  February 03, 2012

Super Bowl rings from years past

TODAY’s Al Roker and Ann Curry looks at some of the Super Bowl rings from the past 45 years, such as the original Green Bay Packers ring and three Patriots rings.

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>> take a look at what h we have in front of us. this entire table, i have asked how much is this stuff worth. they tell me it's priceless. we are looking at super bowl rings including this one from the patriots.

>> that's 2005 . this is the heaviest ring of any ring they have ever made.

>> and this one for the giants.

>> this was their last super bowl ring . pretty incredible. this is the history-maker. this is the very first super bowl ring of 1967 , the packers winning this one.

>> it's pretty.

>> what's interesting is the giants have three super bowl rings and the patriots have three. this will be the tie-breaking ring winner.

>> how many rings can you wear?

>> you have ten fingers.

>> exactly right. we have much