TODAY   |  January 24, 2012

Buy this, not that: Best supermarket choices

David Zinczenko, author of the “Eat This, Not That!” book series, talks about which supermarket foods are best, including Kashi GoLean cereal and Fage Total 2% Greek yogurt.

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>>> this morning on "eat this, not that!" the envelope please! supermarket food award winners, the excitement is building. author david zinczenko , author of the all new "eat this, not that supermarket survival guide" has the best items on your store shelves. good to see you.

>> you, too.

>> you have three nominees in each category, all good.

>> all deserving performances.

>> there can only be one winner. breakfast cereals .

>> you have shredded wheat . fiber one and kashi go lean. all good. all good.

>> but --

>> the oscar is going to go lean.

>> you can't call it the oscar. they will sue us.

>> the eating, the a-lister, the show-stopper. here's why. this 140 calorie breakfast has the protein of two eggs and the fiber of two and a half bowls of oatmeal.

>> wow.

>> that's what you need. you need high fiber , low sugar. but if you can get protein of a hamburger.

>> very impressive.

>> that's a winner.

>> that's the money baller.

>> all right. dessert.

>> okay. so we have the turkey hill banana split , edy's french silk and oreo cookies & cream blast from breyers.

>> why does this win?

>> this is "the help" of decadent desserts.

>> as long as it's not the pie.

>> 130 calories, five grams of fat. a bunch of ice creams have over 300 calories and 75% saturated fat . this has 15%. this is why it wins.

>> all righty. now yogurt used to have the easy names. now they're hard to pronounce.

>> all you need to pronounce is greek. if you can get greek yogurt , greece is the word. greek, greek. you don't need a waistline bailout.

>> i set you up for it.

>> you like oikos and chobani.

>> but the fage. this has high protein , low calories, calcium and potassium.

>> oh. now protein bars, snack, energy bars , very popular. i have had all three and they're terrific.

>> you love the kind bar.

>> i do.

>> you're right. this is the ryan gosling of energy bars .

>> this bar will lift me up.

>> yes. i saw it. that was quite a moment. that was a showstopper.

>> yeah.

>> it's a perfect portion size. it's only got 210 calories, ten grams of protein. who needs a steak.

>> the cliff and lara bar also good.

>> i'm going with kind. if you want to get through the third hour of thank yous.

>> or the fourth hour of "today."

>> and go up on stage and kiss halle berry .

>> sorry.

>> sorry to disappoint. and beverages, iced teas.

>> yeah.

>> you lost david completely. threw him off.

>> honest. this thing is 34 calories, zero grams of famit, ten grams of sugar.

>> david zinczenko , it's an honor being nominated.

>> thank you.

>> coming up, kathie lee and hoda talk to kathryn higeigl about her "plum" of a role after your local news