TODAY   |  January 24, 2012

Brad Pitt: Oscar nod ‘a great honor’

The actor talks about his just-announced Best Actor nomination for “Moneyball,” which he also produced, and says he’s “incredibly happy that ‘The Tree of Life’ got in there, too.”

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>>> pitt picked up a best actor nod for his performance in "moneyball" and he now joins us by telephone from los angeles . good morning and congratulations.

>> good morning. thank you very much. we're ecstatic over here.

>> i imagine you are being nominated as a producer as well as an a actor for "moneyball." how much does this mean? how vested were you in this movie and maybe that could be an indicator of how much these nominations mean to you.

>> it means so much considering this film was just dead on the rocks two years ago. it took a lot of people, a lot of artisans and craftsmen to get it to the screen. it's a great honor and a real tribute to billy bean and the oakland a's organization. we're happy. i'm so happy for jonah hill , i can't tell you.

>> nominated as best supporting actor . we have spoken in oakland a while back, brad. you talked about this is not a conventional movie. it's about economics and saber metrics and batting averages. you believe a good story would sell. boy, have you been prove en right.

>> at the heart of it is the story of value. what are we worth? what's our personal worth to each other? i'm so happy that's resonated. i have to tell you. i'm doubly happy "the tree of life" made it in there. we thought we were all but forgotten. just excited for terry malick .

>> you must be excited for george clooney . i was wondering if he called yet to congratulate you.

>> not yet. i'm sure we'll be exchanging good words later.

>> this is obviously a dear friend of yours. will it be strange to sit there in the theater wondering if one of your names will be read?

>> absolutely not. it's more fun to have a friend there. no one does it better than george. give him all the trophies. when you run out, make new ones and give him those, too.

>> if you had to pick would you rather win as actor or producer?

>> i could not pick. i'm so happy both films were recognized. "the tree of life" was just as difficult to get made. it will be pancakes for everyone this morning.

>> the nominations say a lot about your power as an actor and producer and a force in hollywood. congratulations on a great day, brad.

>> thank you so much. nice talking to you.

>> nice talking to you, too. thanks for joining us. by the way, the 84th academy awards will be handed out on sunday, february 26th . we'll