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TODAY   |  January 23, 2012

More bodies found aboard capsized ship

More bodies were found aboard the cruise ship that capsized off the coast of Italy, raising the official death toll to 15. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> there are new developments in the cruise ship off the coast of italy. a woman's body was recovered raising the death toll to 13. michelle kosinski is at the scene with the latest this morning. good morning to you.

>>> hi, savannah. since it happened more than a week ago searchers have recovered 13 victims but only identify eight. there are around 20 missing and a possibility of more people on board whose names weren't registered. divers are determined to keep going, even removing all the fuel on board. you can see the ship there. it could start as early as tomorrow. what happened in those last moments on board the concordia become more evident with each victim found. on sunday, a woman wearing a life jacket was recovered from a deck just above where passengers were told to gather to board lifeboats. searchers say she may have tried to run up higher on the ship as it tilted into the water. saturday another was found near the same area, also in a life vest . but a surprise to officials, she may be a hungarian woman whose name doesn't appear on a list of passengers or crew. how many others there may be, unnamed, is unknown. the families of the unaccounted for, including the son and daughter of americans barbara and jerry heil gathered together on this island. their distress evident on their faces as they comforted one another. there was a church service in the same place where survivors came that night. the families met with rescuers, thanked them personally. the ceo of costa cruises was here.

>> he came to see the families. he met the french families, american families, other families mostly to express his compassion. [ speaking in a foreign language ]

>> reporter: in italy, the concordia disaster is debated. we are asking if captain schettino is the only one to blame. they talk about italian bravado and work ethic. one says it's not schettino himself who worries me. it's the schettino in me. media said they persuaded schettino to talk the morning after the accident by suggesting he saved lives in his maneuvering of the ship. he agreed. you need to make a decision in a moment under pressure with cool-headedness adding, we were the last ones to leave the ship which we now know was not the case. and the search for victims goes on. where we are now on giglio, this has been inhabited since the stone age . later it was an important roman trading point and the site of many roman ship wrecks. technology changes things uh but some risks stay exactly the same.