Image: Francesco Schettino
Giacomo Aprili / AP

TODAY   |  January 19, 2012

Captain reportedly fell into lifeboat

With 11 confirmed deaths and 23 people still missing, fury is mounting at Costa Concordia Capt. Francesco Schettino, who has been arrested on charges including manslaughter and abandoning ship. Schettino reportedly now claims he tripped and fell off the cruise liner and into a lifeboat. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports from Giglio, Italy.

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>>> now to italy and the latest on the cruise ship disaster. divers resumed the search for 21 people still missing. but rough seas could once again threaten the operation. nbc's michelle kosinski is in italy with the latest. good morning to you.

>> hi, matt. when the ship moves, divers can't get near it. and to look at it here, day after day , time lost , it's just generated more global anger towards the captain. and this morning, police say they want to talk to a young maldovan woman they believe who was a stow-away who may have been spending time with him.

>> he's being called the most hated man in italy . concordia captain francesco shettino. who ended up off the ship, well before the desperate passengers. in a phone conversation friday night with a furious port authority officer, shettino insists he did not abandon ship . the ship listed abruptly and we were thrown into the water. well now reportedly, he told prosecutors he tripped and fell into a life boat . so comes vilification in the papers, online, even t-shirts quoting the officer yelling at shettino, to get back on board. but other voice on the line, was the port authority captain. being called a hero. the port authority says this was a first time ever they had launched a rescue before a ship had asked for it. the first time, they say, they've seen a captain leave his ship this way.

>> a part of breaking the law is a moral question.

>> in this video of shettino welcoming passengers on what's believed to be this cruise. he wishes them what he hopes is an unforgettable journey. industry analysts using satellite data say shettino took a virtually identical route during a festival in august. a course they say was authorized and charted by the cruise line and the coast guard .

>> must have come perilously close, possibly within touching distance.

>> now this is what the concordia looks like, visible even from space. new video has emerged from the depths of the once-grand ship. full of murky water, lit only by search lights. the first identity of a victim has been released, hungarian violinist who helped other people leave and went back for his violin. the families of those still missing are photos hung in town, must wait. a waiter from india, his brother says last seen assisting passengers toward lifeboats.

>> i'm very proud of him. and i'm still hopeful. anything could happen. and hopes.

>> parent company carnival say it's committed to helping all of those affected by this. providing travel, counseling, refunds and also says it will address all the loss of property aboard.