TODAY   |  January 12, 2012

Embrace the cold with a snowy getaway

From skiing in Canada to snowmobile-riding in New Mexico, Sarah Sagnolo of Travel + Leisure magazine spotlights affordable winter vacation destinations.

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>>> time for today's "travel and getaways" that will take you away from the cold.

>> whether you like to ski or snow tube or sled or live in a room built of ice, the digital project editor at travel and leisure magazine .

>> a lot of nice cold-weather destinations you have for us.

>> january is learn a snow sport month so we have some unexpected sports in fun places around the country.

>> british columbia .

>> why not.

>> the 2010 winter olympics were there. the great thing about going to a vacation or trip there is you can participate in some of the more unusual sports that are featured in the olympics. for example, you can do a bobsled on the official course. you actually start lower at a gate lower.

>> i hope so.

>> you still go about 80 miles per hour, so it's not for the fan fan faint of heart. you can shoot a rifle that's part of the biathlon, tour a ski jump , and you can see the incredible snow-capped mountains. you say at a hotel which is about $219 a night. a funky hotel. you'll be right in the center to tf pedestrian village .

>> looks very modern.

>> they have floating fireplacingfireplace fireplaces. it's great place to go and meet other skiers and share tips.

>> do they have a lot of snow right now?

>> they have snow in whistler.

>> there's a problem with that right now, isn't there.

>> our next destination has great snow coming this weekend.

>> go vermont.

>> they're expecting snow? good for them.

>> 6 to ten inches today and tomorrow. you can stay at the track family lodge, formerly the von trapps from "the sound of music ." it's an austrian-style chalet. you can stay in the incredible landscape and wilderness, cross-country ski as well as do a sleigh ride. look at that. it can be romantic. you can go with your honey for valentine's day or you can bring the kids. led by beautiful horses.

>> romance goes right out of the window. yeah.

>> depends what you're thinking.

>> mexico.

>> has about 300 inches of snow for year. they're known for their more challenging alpine skiing but you can do tubing, bunting with your kids.

>> snow tubing . what is --

>> it's actually illuminated. you can go at night. you rent a tube. it's $8. you spend time with your kids doing fun stuff in the powdered snow. you can do the downhill skiing that you see as well. a great place to stay is the columbine inn, $99 a night in january, couldn't be more affordable.

>> especially if you have, like, 20 kids, all in one room.

>> and avid skiers that will have tips. utah park city . you can get there in the next coming months for $213 roundtrip. a great affordable escape. you can do some freestyle skiing in their halfpipe. i'm sure they know fun tricks. you can go snow cat skiing. if you're an expert, you can go into the ungroomed areas.

>> we have 30 seconds left, but in quebec, you can live in a place that's made of ice.

>> you can stay in an igloo. 23 degrees.

>> how many degrees?

>> 23 degrees. bring your polar fleece . sleep in an igloo and drag about it to your friends for years after that.

>> wow.

>> my idea of a great life is eating like keri glassman's segment and staying in one of those.

>> something for everybody.

>> thanks.

>> perfect.