TODAY   |  January 05, 2012

6 Utah cops shot, 1 killed during drug raid

A shooting during a drug raid in Odgen, Utah, on Wednesday left one police officer dead and five others injured. KSL-TV’s Shara Park reports.

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>>> but we begin now with this breaking news. six police officers shot during an operation in ogden , utah. sheriff park from our salt lake city affiliate kfltv has the latest for us this morning. shara, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, ann. four of the six officers shot during last night's shootout are here at mccady hospital. two were taken to ogden regional medical center . the latest word from officials is one officer has died. the gunfire broke out wednesday night after police and a narcotics strike force team surrounded this home as they reportedly tried to serve a drug-related search warrant .

>> we are involved in an incident. we had a search warrant in which six officers have been shot from the ogden police department and from the strike force .

>> reporter: witnesses say they heard gunshots coming from outside the home.

>> we just heard multiple rounds going off, came outside to check it out and knew they were gunshots.

>> the officer told us to go back in our house and there was a standoff.

>> reporter: after a barrage of gunfire, neighbors say they heard police minutes later ordering a man hiking in a nearby shed to come out with his hands up. the wounded were taken to two nearby hospitals.

>> whenever there is a big lump of patients that might come in we have protocols in the emergency department to respond to that. the nurses have been awesome and the doctors have been awesome.

>> reporter: overnight word came that one officer has died, a veteran with the ogden police department , and he is survived by his wife and two young children. the gunman involved in last night's shooting was shot and remains at one of ogden 's local hospitals under 24-hour guard. he is expected to survive. ann?