TODAY   |  December 28, 2011

Elaborate farewell for Kim Jong Il

Wednesday's state funeral for North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il capped more than a week of public mourning. NBC's Adrienne Mong reports.

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>>> we begin with this morning's funeral ceremonies for north korean leader kim jong -il. adrian mong is watching the event from seoul , south korea .

>> reporter: good morning. at the last minute the north koreans kept everyone in the dark for the funeral. in the end pyongyang made sure the whole world could watch the proceedings which by the way fateeured some classic american cars . under heavy snowfall the funeral procession for the man the north koreans called their dear leader made its way through the capital, pyongyang. leading the way, kim jong -un, working beside the hers. thousands of men and women in military uniform or civilian clothing lined the streets to pay their last respects. the sound of their wailing clearly broadcast along with music. a stark contrast to the mood among north koreas living south of the border . "the only thing he did was starve 3 million people to death." she now works in seoul with eight other defectors running an independent radio station that broadcasts daily supports back into their homeland. "at first i thought wow, we can go home" says the radio station 's founder. he escaped north korea 11 years ago but he said there's no hope of change. no hope, because of this man, kim jong -un, not much is known about him or his ability to rule, but one thing is clear. "he's inherited his father's dictatorship" says the radio station manager. now we just want to remind everyone that those images of the funeral procession today were only available direct from north korean state television so it hasn't been possible to verify how much of that, if possibly all of it was staged, including the mourning.

>> adrienne mongn seoul , south korea , thank you.