TODAY   |  December 19, 2011

Harry hurries to help friend who was robbed

Prince Harry is making news for coming to the aid of a friend who was mugged, building his reputation as an “action man.” NBC’s Jim Maceda reports.

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>>> now to the scare for british heir prince harry who rushed to help a friend being mugged. nbc's jim maceda is at buckingham palace with the details. good day to you.

>> reporter: good morning, natalie. over the years, trouble has had a knack of finding the 27-year-old so-called spare to the throne. this time prince harry found himself in the middle of an unfolding crime, and rushed to the aid of the victim. it was mid evening, according to royal aides, and harry was at clarence house , his london residence, chatting with one of his best friends on the phone, thomas vanstreubenzi or van as he's known, close to both princes, an usher at williams wedding. walking down this road harry heard screams and what sounded like a scuffle. his friend had been mugged his blackberry wrenched from his hands.

>> it's a bigger problem than you think. somebody tried to nab my bag when i was walking down the street.

>> reporter: harry grabbed his body guard looking for his childhood friend . the gutsy reaction didn't surprise ken wharf who for eight years serve as his mother's protection officer.

>> i always said if you needed a guy to help you out in a fight, you choose him above his brother.

>> reporter: not spotting his friend, harry drove to the local police station on a hunch van would have reported the crime, and he found him there. harry even gave a witness statement. he's visited police stations before, seen here in manchester, after this summer riot, but it's probably the only time a windsor royal walked into one to report a crime.

>> that's what a true friend is all about. you can only applaud the young man for doing something which perhaps most of us wouldn't do.

>> reporter: captain harry wales , building a reputation as an action man, will need all his reserves of courage when he returns to the battlefields of afghanistan next year as an apache combat helicopter pilot. meanwhile, london police say they arrested a suspect at n his friend's mugging and recovered the blackberry. a hearing is scheduled for january so natalie, a rather happy ending to an otherwise scary incident. back to you.

>> thanks to prince harry to thes review. thanks to you, jim maceda, buckingham palace .