TODAY   |  December 16, 2011

Steals and Deals: Cruise vacation for $549

We don’t know how she does it, but our diva of deals, Jill Martin, is hooking TODAY viewers up with an amazing deal on a four-day Carnival cruise vacation for only $549. The dial just jumped off our wow-meter!

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>>> this morning another holiday edition of " jill 's steals and deals" from omaha steaks to a four-night carnival cruise for all of you last-minute shoppers. jill martin is here to take us through it.

>> good morning.

>> blockbuster deals once again. a quick explanation how this works.

>> go on right now. this is our best line ever so logon right now. we have so much, so much quantity, but i know it's going to fly.

>> it will get there, all of this by the holidays in time for christmas .

>> all of this in time for christmas .

>> first a new one from bliss. this is amazing.

>> so fabulous, guys and girls are ready to steal. orange peel set, the fabulous fivesome they're calling it, retail $95, the set includes soapy suds, body scrub, mini for travel, body butter mini, blood orange fragrance, retail $95, the deal $23.75, that's 75% off and this is the biggest deal the company has ever done.

>> that is amazing and these products are so hot, so it's great. okay next, diamond very near studs from say hello diamonds. they look like real diamonds.

>> they do, i'm wearing them right now. the retail is $195. i wore them around to see if people thought, they're two carats made from 100% real diamond particles. the particles are dusted on to a cz stone creating a sparkling diamond veneer. the retail $195, the deal is $49, that's 75% off.

>> they are beautiful.

>> that's great for a whom who needs a classic stud but can't afford the real thing.

>> exactly. next this is the sure to thrill gift assortment from omaha steaks . they were one of our first steals and deals and the phones are ringing right now.

>> my friend mark texted me last night, can i have the secret code now so i can get in on it?

>> no, mark, you can't.

>> the shortest thrill gift assortment, retail $185. the four five-ounce bacon wrapped filet mignon , four ounce center cut pork chops , four ounce boneless chick breast, steak burgers, baked potatoes, caramel apple tarts and gift cards for future purchases. the retail is $185, the deal $39.99 for all of this, that's 78% off.

>> wow and last time we had this deal, i think me and all of the crew, we all got on and ordered right away. make sure you do it as well. next the teleflora bouquet, every mom, grandma lofrsz loves to get flowers. retail is $70.94. teleflora , the largest network of local florists with over 15,000 shops around the country so everyone can get in on this, choice of three, all is bright centerpiece, the you and me bouquet and candy cane christmas , order through the 31st, so the retail is $70.94 to $75.94, the deal is $32.49 and that includes delivery, hand delivery, up to 57% off.

>> for the sharp dressed man a suit utility kit from indo chino.

>> retail $148, created popular suit accessories, 100% silk skinny black necktie, pocket square monogrammed and cufflinks and free shipping.

>> free shipping a big deal there.

>> the deal is $29, 80% off.

>> and free shipping again. and finally for the ultimate gift we move over to our cruise set. imagine this could be you on a carnival cruise .

>> it could be you drinking away, cheers.

>> with a better backdrop. what's the deal?

>> from carnival cruise , retail $1,200, these guys are having fun, four days, four nights out of your choice of four different ports so miami, port canaveral , new orleans and long beach to destinations in the bahamas, western caribbean or baja, mexico, for two people and two nights hotel accommodations in the port you choose to enjoy, the city before or after you return, the retail $1,200, the deal $549 for two people, that's 54% off, and you have a year to book this.

>> so get on it right now. jill martin, great job, great deals for us, a big blockbuster holiday deal. again the products are a bliss beauty set, say hello diamonds, omaha steaks , teleflora , tweet us us@todayshow. first these messages. progresso. it fits! fantastic! [ man