TODAY   |  December 15, 2011

Facebook unveils timeline makeover

Kate Aronowitz, global director of design for Facebook, unveils a new timeline feature that creates a diary through posts and photos, and gives a sneak peek of Ann Curry’s page.

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>>> most radical transformation yet to the way you view your profile. they're calling it timeline and kate is the global director of design for facebook and is here to show us an exclusive first look. hey, kate, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> more than 800 million users. this is the first anywhere in the world that people publicly will be able to see what you're doing. show us how it looks.

>> okay. i'm here to talk about timeline, the new facebook profile. it's a place for you to tell your story from beginning until now with all the special moments in between, your photos, your check-ins, shared experience. it is like an online digital scrapbook. every online scrapbook should have a great cover. let's jump in and look at mine. the first thing you'll notice, big, beautiful photograph. this is my son. it's a recent photograph from a great vacation we had.

>> beautiful photograph but is it a layout? is that the difference? is that what is changing?

>> yeah. the layout is changing but it also gives you the opportunity. you'll see my recent check-in here but you can go back in time now. facebook started in 2004 . but i just uploaded these fun photographs from my childhood from the '70s.

>> let's look to the right of your screen at home. basically you have the months, the years, so you can quickly get to all that information.

>> absolutely.

>> which is different from before.

>> yes.

>> before now you had to sort of search.

>> you did.

>> you guys have colluded to do something similar, to do timeline on my page. i have purposely not looked at it. i wanted you and the producer to have at it. show me what you've done.

>> here we go.

>> okay.

>> there you are. gorgeous photo.

>> that's me way up. thanks. all the years that are on the right then.

>> so if you actually can go back in time to 1959 .

>> oh, dear.

>> yes. it's adorable. look at that childhood photograph.

>> great.

>> and it notes you were in san diego . you can actually scroll up like if you look at 2009 you actually had some amazing career highlights and it shows all of your travels down to these amazing photos.

>> these are my photographs.

>> with the dalai lama. really beautiful.

>> so really then it is a way of sort of seeing your life kind of in sort of a more i guess an easier-to-access way.

>> absolutely.

>> there is even a map involved here.

>> there is.

>> which is an interesting feature.

>> your map looks really good.

>> so you can use this map to say where -- in my case where you've been in your work but you can use it for whatever you want it to be.

>> yes.

>> maybe your ancestral history or something like that.

>> absolutely. you can check in as you're going or retroactively go back. you have check-ins from antarctica and then all the way up to special moments like if we look at new york here.

>> forget it.

>> thank you. now i'm mad at you. we need to ask you quickly, what do you say to people who don't want their profile to change? because, you know, the last time you made a big change there was a big pushback. i probably expect one again this time.

>> facebook is super personal to people. it has your photographs, friends, communication. so we know change can be hard. this time we're giving people a seven-day period from the time you click on timeline you get seven days to get it exactly the way you want it before you share it with anyone.

>> that's right.

>> so nice adjustment.

>> very quickly, about privacy concerns, there is a privacy click on this one, right? because that is a big issue still on facebook .

>> yes.

>> yes there is.

>> so with privacy in mind we're also launching activity log. it's a place for you to see everything you've done and click on privacy to decide how to share it all in one place.