TODAY   |  November 30, 2011

Pack your palate for culinary getaways

If you’re looking for a trip where food is just as important as hotel and nightlife, Nilou Motamed, features director for Travel + Leisure magazine, suggests some destinations that offer culinary delight.

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>>> this morning on "today's travel" culinary getaways. here are some of the best epicurean destinations as neila motamed joins us from " travel & leisure magazine ."

>> good morning.

>> what are people looking for?

>> readers are obsessed with food, the one thing i can tell you whether you're going just down the street or going to another country, people want to know where to eat and actually are planning their trips around their meals.

>> how do you select with so many choices across the globe?

>> i eat a lot.

>> you wouldn't know, looking at you.

>> we travel all around and eat our way through and it's a tough job but someone's got to do it.

>> sounds like what we do around here. talk about some of the great food scenes, start off with chicago and amazing they have the deep dish pizza , and tell us about ellie naeh.

>> chicago is known for its pizza and steak but there's an ode to cuisine aspect to chicago so making food as much about theater and as much about presentation and molecular dishes, ofaviary, truffle infused negrone.

>> you don't want to eat them, they're too beautiful.

>> they're also delicious. there's the public hotel that just opened, very affordable and they have a restaurant called pump room which i also recommend.

>> stay there and check out the other places, great. next let's move on to nashville , which of course we know for country music but also nashville is emerging as a foodie scene as well, right?

>> absolutely. we certainly think about taylor swift when we think nashville and that's great but i'm sure she loves to go out to places like cat bird's seat, only 30 seats and there's two chefs and the chefs are actually cooking and serving you what they want for that day. there's no menu and so you get to just experience what they're feeling for that day, withc cis so much fun. there are lots of great restaurants in nashville and known for barbecue. "travel & leisure" rated this one of the favorite destinations to are barbecue.

>> the yellow porch restaurants.

>> the salad they're eating they're growing the vegetables in their garden and a big boom in food trucks around the u.s., noted in nashville , mos tacos per favore, and people swear by their tortilla soup , say it's better than penicillin if you have a cold.

>> next up, international destinations of course you can't do a food segment without talking about paris .

>> i can't.

>> levon kontoire?

>> first things first in paris if you're going there and haven't been, find an expert to take you around. i love wendy lynn from the paris kitchen, the ultimate foodie and connoisseur of all things delicious in paris . she's recommend l 'avan comp.toir, a 12-person standing space but it feels like you're in the center of it all if you go there and we love mecarones in new york, the new cupcakes.

>> which are not cupcakes.

>> basically where they were invenned in paris in 156, they make 4 billion macaroons every year, decadent and delicious. if you don't get your macaroon fix in paris get it at home.

>> in italy?

>> la traversina, piedmont, white truffles , borolo, la la traversina for under $120 a night you can stay, take gardening classes, cooking lesson, yoga, and also eat, relax and enjoy.

>> i'm there already. nilou motamed,