TODAY   |  November 28, 2011

Save big with the best Cyber Monday deals

TODAY’s experts highlight steep discounts in tech, toys, shopping and travel, and explain how to maximize savings on the biggest online shopping day of the year.

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>> this morning on "today's holiday gift guide" cyber monday deals, the monday after black friday has become one of the biggest online shopping days of the year.

>> that's right, we've assembled four experts to walk you through where to find the best bargains on everything from toys to travel. we start with electronics. natalie morris is a cnbc technology contributor. happy holidays .

>> happy holidays . you want to be quick but don't want to be rash. go to the review sites like "consumer reports" or cnet and know what are the comparable technologies to the things that you want. if you want a laptop, have a few in mind that would be acceptable, because you don't want to get something that's cheap and find out it's cheap.

>> exactly right. let's talk about flat screens, everybody's looking for flat screen tvs. you found one you think is a good deal.

>> this one by vizio is just under $500 and internet connected. what i like about this television is that it uses your home broadband network to stream video from the internet so you can watch things like hulu or amazon on demand.

>> this year you can save 250 bucks.

>> exactly, you got to be quick.

>> laptops, all computers are not for all people. you have to make sure you get the features that work with what you want to do.

>> right.

>> why do you like this one?

>> i like this setoshiba because it's a lot of laptop for under $400. it's just under six pounds so it's lighter than you think and got a lot of storage as well so you can use this as your main machine to hold your photos, music and video.

>> good for kids or younger adults adul adults?

>> an older student or business person on the move.

>> digital camera , you like this camera.

>> i like the kodak easyshare because it's easy to share with your social network so it's got a feature, you can tag photos if you think i look amazing in this photo i'm going to too longfacebook. this is $69, normally $140.

>> thank you very much.

>>> let's go over to ann.

>> thank you so much. toys are always a cyber monday favorite and so where are the bargains? we have jamie grayson, the gear guru for good morning.

>> hi, how are you?

>> what's the big news about toy this is year?

>> all over the internet there's stores like toys "r" us site wide, hundreds of deals, percentages off, buy one get one, a few things we really like, 30% off, up to 30% off with razr scooters, up to 40% off the entire line of nerve toys.


>> this is 40% off of one item, that's one per household so if you have one big ticket item for the holidays, that's your place to get it, there are exclusions. check the website. there are exclusions so go to, get barbie toys, hot wheels , thomas the tank engine , craft sets, really cool stuff.

>> all right and moving on to, aka magic beans .

>> an independent retailer, all about independent stores, support local business, 20% off site wide no, exclusions in their toy department, no limit. it's really, really great. get magnetic tegu blocks, cuba maze, green toys, melissa and doug, very good stuff.

>> thank you so much. appreciate it.

>>> now here's natalie.

>> ann, thank you. next up, apparel, liz gumeiner is publisher and editor in chief of

>> good morning.

>> children, jaqadi, 40% off today in.

>> it never happens. if you have kids, if you're going to have kids, might have kids in ten years go to the website now and get them.

>> beautiful things .

>> gorgeous.

>> shoes, we cannot have enough shoes and is the place to find endless deals as well.

>> endless is amazon's site for shoes and accessories. right now $30 off purchases of $100, up to $90 off purchases of $300 so if you have a whole family to buy for you can save a lot of money there.

>> stock up and buy a couple. if you want something a little sexier and every woman needs these, hanky panky has a great deal on their site.

>> up to 50% off thongs, as low as $11.99, a favorite with celebrities, they're a favorite with the cool mom picks staff. i might be wearing them myself right now.

>> we won't go there but i'm sure you're wearing them well. offers 40% off the site.

>> the entire site, stock up on outerwear, accessories. we found this gorgeous down parka, down to $137 so really great deals to be had.

>> very good, thanks so much.

>> thank you.

>>> last but not least here's al.

>> who doesn't want to get away? cyber monday may be the day for to you book your next vacation. nilou mutamed good morning.

>> good morning, we have to talk fast. starwood hotels , w, westin, st. regis, all those 35% off on their rooms. so in cancun, $79 a night, so a swim-up bar is something you're interested in, perhaps getting a massage on a beachside, check out the website for this cancun property at the westin.

>> next trump hotel location, serious discounts, all seven of their properties.

>> that includes vegas, two properties in new york, chicago, doing 35% off on suites. you can book that from, starting right now until the end of the day , wherever in the location, so giving you extra time in some of the places that are on the east coast . i'm talking too fast but $99 in las vegas to stay at that great hotel, the rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows, even the pool has a view and they have a kid's cocktail menu. not alcoholic i hope.

>> i would assume so. the kids get their hair to look like donald trump .

>> you had to get a joke in.

>> chicago's magnificent mile .

>> $9 a might to stay there, book this deal now so get on it right away and the great thing is they have the deal from december 11th all the way to december 30th . perfect time to go shopping on the magnificent mile which is where you are.

>> fantastic, always good to see you.