TODAY   |  November 22, 2011

Author on Casey Anthony’s troubled life

Dr. Keith Ablow, author of “Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony: A Psychological Portrait,” tells TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie why he does not believe that Casey is responsible for Caylee’s death.

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>>> was found not guilty of murdering her daughter, kay lee, a verdict that sent shock waves through much of the country. in his new book "inside the mind of casey anthony " forensic psychology dr. keith ablow draws interesting conclusions about the case. in writing and researching the book he did not speak to george or cindy anthony or casey . you don't have a connection to this case per se . what is your qualification to write a book like this?

>> absolutely. listen when you create a psychological profile of somebody you have to get enough sources so her friends, boyfriends, relatives, enumerable sources, thousands of pages of documents to piece together who was this woman and why did this happened. we know what happened.

>> so many people wonder about that. i know one thing we did was pour over some of the police interviews in this case. if the trial established one thing beyond a reasonable doubt she's an accomplished liar. what do you see in that behavior?

>> this is a woman with no internal self. she grew up with a psychological assassin for a mother. we're talking about somebody who didn't even know her own daughter was seven months pregnant. can you imagine?

>> what does that term mean?

>> she was intent on not recognizing casey anthony as a real person, and somebody worthy of responding to in a genuine fashion. why else would she permit her father, why would cindy anthony permit her husband to be at the foot of the bed when casey anthony delivered kay lcaylee? can you imagine the humiliation? she wasn't there.

>> i know you draw a lot of conclusions in particular from the episode where george anthony is in the delivery room as his daughter gives birth.

>> outrageous.

>> playing devil's a advocate.

>> i knew you'd do that.

>> some would say who would support her?

>> at the foot of the bed? if you didn't have the facts of not knowing that her daughter was pregnant for seven months, of the fact when they find the car, the car has been missing for a month. they've been told listen, you no he what? we found it two weeks ago and george anthony says it smelled like death to me and i worried whether my granddaughter's corpse might have been in there. he goes to his ten buck an hour job as a security guard . this is who casey anthony grew up with. are we surprised?

>> you say are we surprised? you think casey anthony killed her daughter?

>> i present five theories. the theory that holds the most water psychologically, i'm not saying this happened but psychologically, if you lined up ducks in a row, you'd say the night when cindy anthony threatened to take caylee from casey was the end of the line . i'm not going to watch my daughter annihilated like i was. she got a tattoo saying " beautiful life " her daughter's untortured relatively compared to her own and released her to the heavens.

>> dr. keith ab low, we'll