TODAY   |  November 22, 2011

Martha Stewart invites TODAY to her home

The TODAY family visited Martha Stewart’s house in Bedford, New York to help the ultimate hostess prepare a memorable Thanksgiving feast.

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>>> the ultimate host and built an empire out of entertaining. martha stewart is without with

"martha's entertaining: a year of celebrations."

>> as a regular guest martha knows her way around studio 1a but this year she invited us to her house. over the river and through the woods to martha 's house we go it's a "today" show road trip making our way to martha stewart 's house in bedford, new york. natalie, go push the button . look at this.

>> martha must be watching.

>> in the house with binoculars.

>> are they here yet?

>> martha 's house is magnificent, more like a small village with 15 buildings spread across 153 acres. martha meets us at her favorite spot. where else? the stables.

>> hi.

>> hi, martha . happy thanksgiving.

>> nice to have you all of you here. did you get lost?

>> a little bit, only on the lower 40.

>> everybody always gets lost. welcome to the place. what do you think?

>> it's beautiful, martha , really is. when's dinner?

>> i thought we could do a little farm work before dinner. matt's going to get eggs with me at the chicken coop .

>> we're working for our supper?

>> yes, you are. definite

>> definily.

>> we fly to the coop with a basket.

>> a wealth of eggs in here.

>> eureka, this one is still incredibly warm.

>> wow. this is a good day, matt.

>> i think we did very well. so in terms of the amount of work i've done to deserve dinner, where am i in the process?

>> excellent.

>> yeah? okay, great. good, let's put the others to work.

>> okay, off we go.

>> next we're off to the kitchen, but first we stop to pick up the others.

>> what's the speed limit ?

>> well, like slow as you can go.

>> look at this kitchen, martha , this is something!

>> you've been preparing for us, haven't you?

>> oh, boy, turkey day is the most fun day. would you like to stuff the turkey?

>> yes, martha .

>> you're being so dainty.

>> sorry.

>> just go in there, come on, ann .

>> come on.

>> i'm doing it. i'm doing it.

>> can i just --

>> there you go.

>> see that's how you do it.

>> half a bottle of that wine into two sticks of melted butter.

>> just put in the whole bottle, al, come on, it's us, the "today" show, come on.

>> you want a little salt and pepper on there?

>> yes, please.

>> well done, matt. and cheese cloth, too?

>> it holds the moisture in.

>> pop in the oven.

>> while the turkey cooks, martha shows ann how she escapes the holiday chaos.

>> here we are, done.

>> turn around, pull your right rein.

>> pull my right rein, ahh, it works! it works! oh, my god. i can't --

>> a slow trot.

>> i'm bouncing. whoa! i'm falling. thanks for putting up with me, dear.

>> meanwhile, back in the kitchen --

>> how did ann get out of this? that's whey want to know.

>> "i'm going horseback riding with martha , ooh, aren't i special"?

>> there's a perfectly good shop down the street. with martha , nothing store bought as al finds out when she takes him to crank out homemade apple cider .

>> this is an old-fashioned cider press.

>> i've never made it.

>> elbow grease, al.

>> getting a little aerobic workout before you have your thanksgiving dinner .

>> look at the cider. can is spectacular. it is spectacular.

>> it's good. you know what would go good in this, a little bourbon.

>> as it turns out that's natalie's job, making a cider bourbon cocktail.

>> you use ice is in here, half a shaker of ice, a third of a cup of bourbon, two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice , and three-quarters of a cup of apple kricider. i want to see you shake.

>> okay.

>> tom cruise .

>> i'll do my tom cruise .

>> if this spills every way i'm not responsible.

>> this way, this way. shake it for me girl, shake it for me girl

>> before we knew it, it was turkey time.

>> so like magic, this is what the turkey looks like.

>> it's almost a shame you're going to cut the turkey. how about a drink to decorate by?

>> why don't we try.

>> to martha .

>> cheers.

>> no, no, no to thanksgiving.

>> to thanksgiving.

>> you haven't seen the table yet. that was --

>> impressive!

>> -- amazing.

>> you look at the magazine, " martha stewart living " and think this stuff could never be real and could never live in real life and in her house it's in real life , from the fire to the table to the cornbread in the shape of a turkey.

>> it was perfect.

>> i like the car we drove up in. can i just say that? we got the 1989 --

>> no fuel injection, watch it.

>> exhaust, still sick from it.

>> barely had seat belts.

>> much more, including carole king after this.