TODAY   |  October 27, 2011

Rocker Steven Tyler recovers from accident

A few days after falling in a bathroom shower, Steven Tyler, Aerosmith’s lead singer, tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer “I passed out, I felt nauseous.”

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>>> it'll take about an hour i tell you all a story about me and matt lauer

>> that was aero smith front man steven tyler serenading me at his home in los angeles just a couple months ago. this morning he is nursing a few injuries after falling in a hotel bathroom in south america . steven is joining us now by phone from buenos aires . good morning to you.

>> good morning, america!

>> listen, steven . how bad was this fall? i'm looking at some photos we've been showing this morning. it looks like you were the wrong guy in a fight. tell me about this.

>> well, you know, it was like the -- it was the second show in south america and it just so happened, you know, that i got that -- what's it called when you eat something? montezuma's revenge. i took a walk with the incas for 48 hours . went in looking like breshnakov and walked out looking like lion sphinx.

>> you lost a couple teeth. how many stitches did you get?

>> i got four stitches in my eye and just quite frankly passed out. i was in the shower and, you know, i got nauseous and i started to get sick and i just fell on my face and just passed out and i woke up, you know, with the water running on me wondering where i was and the next thing you know my tour manager was calling the american he means a embassy and we found the best hospital. it was like one stop shopping . they stitched up my eye, did a little plastic surgery, and fixed my tooth all in one fell swoop.

>> steven , you and i spent sometime together recently and we talked openly and honestly about your past including drugs and alcohol. and i know as some of your fans see these pictures this morning, they're going to have questions about whether this was a fall in the shower or a fall off the wagon. would you address that for me?

>> i love the way you put that. you know, being in the program that i'm in it's something we have to accept. i went public with my problems only to address them straight on, so, you know, people thinking that is natural and normal. you know, we flew last night from paraguay after that incident and where are we now? argentina for two hours. and if anybody knew anybody that knew anybody that used substances, they wouldn't be up the hour after having a talk with matt lauer and the rest of america. but, you know, it is nothing that i don't understand. i get that people think that. it still bothers me a little but it's something i have to deal with for the rest of my life.

>> all right. but you're clean and sober. that's not the issue?

>> no, it's not the issue.

>> i heard from your manager that you even managed to play the harp with a busted lip in a concert last night and says you put on one of the best shows of any recent tour. how is this going to affect the tour as it continues?

>> well, you know, short of -- people are going to expect me on the stage. i look at myself in the mirror, and i thought, you know, i should just go on and do the show tomorrow night and we did. pulled myself up by my boot heels and went out on stage, wore my sunglasses through the first song. took them off and the crowd roared because they knew that i had fallen down and i just figured, you know, it's all about playing to the people. it never has been about anything else other than that. and we rocked. we broke the house record. not only did i break my face but the next night we broke the house record. so life is beautiful , matt.

>> listen, most importantly, i hope you're okay. i really appreciate you calling in this morning and i know your fans are going to be very happy to hear that the show goes on and we wish you good health. thanks a lot.