TODAY   |  September 24, 2011

Dazed actress escorted off stage

Actress Kim Delaney had to be ushered off-stage during a gala honoring Robert Gates after she struggled to give a rambling speech, fueling fears that her past substance abuse demons may have surfaced. NBC’s Ron Allen reports.

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>>> for actress kim delaney , it was supposed to be a brief speech at an awards ceremony, but it ended in bizarre fashion with delaney being escorted off the stage. and it's all because of what she did and said in front of the audience. ron allen reports.

>> as i try to -- comfort wives, husbands, families, fathers, children --

>> they probably thought kim delaney could add star power to a prestigious, yet somber event. ownering former secretary of defense robert gates with the liberty medal from promoting freedom around the world. the star of lifetime tv 's " army wives " show looked lost and out of place.

>> loved ones made good -- what i've learned is the constitution center.

>> it's the star of " army wives " it's all about military families and what they go through. the event was honoring a military dignitary. in a lot of ways, it made sense to have her there, but it turned out to be an incredible disaster.

>> delaney struggled to read the teleprompter. the actress was finally led off the stage. while the cause of her behavior remains unknown, many are speculating delaney has fallen off the wagon.

>> when whole mess has a lot of people wondering if some of her old demons have come into play.

>> delaney has had substance abuse issues in the past. for me, it's all make believe. i do that as a job. it's make believe.

>> somewhere in her rambling, delaney told the audience everything she was trying to say was make believe on her tv character. it's a performance she probably wishes would just disappeared. for today, ron allen , nbc news, new york.