TODAY   |  September 12, 2011

‘Slither’ into fall with these terrific trends

Fashion expert Stefani Greenfield shows how you can mix and match different designs and colors for trendy fall looks that won’t break the bank.

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>> on "today's style." pointing you in the right direction for fall. the fashion road map so you never get lost. good morning. a whole road scene. what's common road blocks when shopping for fall?

>> this season we have a thod to the '70s. animal prints, mixing color and texture and i think people are very trepidatious when you have to put it all together. much easier when you don't have to layer in spring and summer. what we're here to do today is give you answers, not advice, solutions and great ways to not overfend but to be on trend. everyone wants to do that.

>> some of these new trends are difficult for ordinary people --

>> exactly? so let's bring out our first model. two-way street. melissa and when you think two-way street. what do you mean by that.

>> the fashion road map is relating to our road signs we all know and now we're driving our wardrobe into the right place. here what we're doing is mixing textures and prints. what you have to do here if you're going to mix a novelty print is stay in the same color family. if you see it's all the darker tones like navies and we mix the tweeds and stripes but never mix two of the same prints.

>> you've got two different -- you have the different prints and different textures.

>> that's what is so exciting. you can mix it up with texture and have fun with your wardrobe. between jackets. pants, all under $100. you don't have to buy every piece. we're giving you great pieces but it's not about clutter or re-creating a wardrobe. these are grade wardrobe building. wear the pant with the tank top or sweater.

>> or put it together like that. thank you, melissa. our next road map , wildlife crossing . i think i know where this is going.

>> backstage everybody was flipping for this dress. number one, we know how animal prints have been on the runways, if you open up any of your magazine, here we used a python print mixing the hughes of black, gray and off white and put an ankle boot. a black shoe or tight in your wardrobe for under $50 you can get this dress and a layer chain necklace. on trend. when could you not wear this necklace.

>> these animal prints lets you get your mind around -- they are like a neutral.

>> they are, a great print. i would always wear won. don't mix animal print on animal print. less is more. take an animal print, do a dark opaque leg. i love as i said before the darker tights and 45, you layer on your necklace and look gorgeous.

>> we'll all steal that dress. our next one with just road block and we have tiffany to model this look. this is a fashion we're seeing everywhere this year. come on out.

>> we use our road block sign to represent color block. when we think color block we think the pop art kind of colors. this is a great way to take a classic pencil skirt because we work and need things to wear to the office but still need style. dark green tone, navy and black. you can layer on a black top , white top , a simple pump and you add a limb bit of shine near the face and on trend, made a great investment in the skirt and can build it if last season.

>> i like how this color blocking is understated but you do see some of those bolder color combinations that you've put together this fall. how do you know what works.

>> well, on one color in your color block, focus on that. atranth, not distract. if you have a lot of multicolors, pick out your darkest solid and wear white. don't have too many things. don't have someone look at you and think, oh, my god, of a headache. you want them to look at you and admire you but not be distracted by all the colors.

>> thank you so much, tiffany. hard hat required. you're saying hats are all the rage.

>> i love a hat for one functional reason. my gray comes in quickly. all about the '70s.

>> hazel has a floppy hat.

>> we've done the '70s trend here. not to say dunnaway. we didn't make it break. i love the rich bordeaux color . for $15. if it's getting cold in the winter, we don't need to wear a ski cap. a nod to fashion. someone who loves to have a look but --

>> would you wear hats like that to the office.

>> to and from the office but during the day it might block your keyboard when you're looking down but not everything has to be for 24/7 all the time. $15 you can have it just for fun.

>> let's bring all the models ott one more time and look at all these fashion trends .

>> you don't have to overspend and still look great.

>> stefani, thank you so much. thank you and coming up, we'll take back dinnertime with an easy meal idea and