TODAY   |  September 09, 2011

Northeast flooding claims at least 7 lives

At least seven deaths are now being blamed on the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee, which have produced heavy rains and historic flooding from Maryland to New England. NBC’s Al Roker reports.

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>>> seven deaths are now being blamed on the realm namnants of tropical storm lee . led to evacuations and historic flooding. al roker is in the flood zone in pennsylvania . al, good morning.

>> good morning, ann. we're just west of wilkebury, pennsylvania . there's normally no water coming over this spillway. now you can see thousands and thousands of gallons of water pouring into a what is normally a dormant creek. this is rushing in and last night it reached 38.8 feet. the record, 40.9 feet setback in 1972 during hurricane agnes . by later this morning we expect it to drop to 38 feet. and by saturday, be under 29 feet. now, all along this river, from pennsylvania into new york , there have been thousands and thousands of people evacuated. in this area alone, 100,000 people. binghamton, new york , 10,000 people being evacuated. president obama signed emergency declarations for new jersey, new york , and for pennsylvania , as well, making these areas eligible for disaster relief. but again, schools are closed, businesses are closed, roads are closed, all the bridges leading to downtown binghamton have been closed down, as well. so we continue to be effected by this for at least another 24 hours . the good news is while there could be some pockets of heavy rain , about an inch or so, the really heavy rain is just about over.