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TODAY   |  September 07, 2011

Raging Texas fires claim two more lives

The out-of-control wildfires raging through central Texas have claimed two more lives. NBC’s Jay Gray reports.

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>> out of control wildfires raging through central texas have claimed two more lives. nbc's jay gray has the latest from bastrop , texas, this morning. jay, good morning to you.

>> good morning, savannah. yeah, those two victims found during a search of debris, bringing the total to four now from these fires which still rage out of control, singing over 1,000 homes across the state. more than 100,000 acres along with the nerves and emotions of so many pushed out by the flames. if there's a ray of hope cutting through the smoke and ash that covers texas it's that for now the wind has eased. allowing strike teams to push through the haze and get to the front lines of this massive wildfire.

>> fire jumped all over the place, so we're doing a little firing to get it back on our terms, especially before the weather changes later today.

>> reporter: at times literally drawing a line in the soil, desperately trying to get a handle on the flames. in bastrop alone more than 500 homes have been reduced to ash, and more than 5,000 people have rushed to escape the flames.

>> i grabbed her medication, my daughter, my cell phone charger and her vehicles and we left.

>> reporter: nancy allen is one of about 400 waiting it out in area shelters.

>> it's just disheartening to see a new smoke cloud, but i'm taking it second by second.

>> reporter: she says though that one thing is certain, even if the fire has destroyed her house, it won't push her from her home.

>> i love being here. i love bastrop . it's my home. and i'm going to -- like the governor said, just pick up the pieces .

>> reporter: many of those pieces now reduced to cinder and ash and scattered for miles.

>> reporter: with the wind at 24 miles an hour, they have made progress so forecasters warn dusts of 20 miles an hour which are pushing these flames could return by the weekend.

>> jay gray, thank you.